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In-Memory Computing: Transforming Business Intelligence and the Internet of Things

ScaleOut Software

The financial, manufacturing and entertainment industries, among others, are becoming increasingly fond of the next generation of business intelligence. Called operational intelligence (OI), the technology can analyze live, fast-changing data and provide immediate feedback for ever-growing streams of data generated by the Internet of Things initiatives. Read More

Six Tips for Keeping Your Cool in All Seasons

MARK SILNES</br>Emerson/Liebert ServicesMARK SILNES
Emerson/Liebert Services

Now that the colder temperatures and harsh winter weather are behind us, it’s time to perform regular maintenance on cooling systems and take preventive measures to ensure the change in seasons doesn’t affect their effectiveness and sustainability. Read More

The IT X-Factor to Gain Business Agility

PAUL MILLER</br>HP Converged Data Center InfrastructurePAUL MILLER
HP Converged Data Center Infrastructure

The new IT X-factor, or converged systems, are rapidly gaining acceptance as the way to improve overall business agility, optimize staff productivity, and increase the quality and speed of services delivered to clients. Read More

Why Data Centers Look the Way They Do

HERB ZIEN</br>LiquidCool SolutionsHERB ZIEN
LiquidCool Solutions

Truth be told, today’s data center designs often result in inefficent, costly and very loud cooling solutions. It makes no sense when you consider the availability of liquid cooling technology, which can do wonders for achieving ultimate optimization and decreasing spending. Read More

Storage—On the Ground or in the Cloud?


The best part about the massive data created on a daily basis is that quite a few storage solutions exist both on-premises and in the cloud. Neither is better; it’s just a matter of which works best for your organization with respect to privacy, performance, availability and budget. Read More

Maximizing Cloud Resource Utilization with Workload Automation

JIM MANIAS</br>Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.JIM MANIAS
Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.

There’s no doubt, that the inclusion of virtual and cloud resources has made a significant impact on flexibility, scalability and accessibility in data centers. However, disruptions in service can and often happen when the cloud and legacy equipment combine or when virtual machine sprawl occurs. Here are some tips for keeping processes running in the face of these two challenges. Read More

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