Industry Perspectives

Harnessing the Rise of Hybrid IT

Karyn Jeffery<br/>FujitsuKaryn Jeffery

Public cloud is not always cheaper for businesses running their own internal IT infrastructure. The ISG cloud comparison index highlighted that prices between major public cloud providers vary by up to 35 percent. Read More

USB as an Analog/RF Port

Michael Hopkins<br/>CurrentRFMichael Hopkins

The USB port becomes the “eyes into the system” and serves as an RF pickup of radiated energy from processors, memory, graphics cards, HDDs, SSDs, and internet activity, etc. Read More

Beefing Up Data Center Resilience

Sev Onyshkevych<br/>FieldView SolutionsSev Onyshkevych
FieldView Solutions

Here are five ways data center operators can increase the resilience of their facility – and secure smooth operations without failure – by deploying the best-of-the-breed data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions. Read More

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