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Fend Off Collateral Damage of DDoS Attacks

JEFFREY LYON<BR/>Black Lotus CommunicationsJEFFREY LYON
Black Lotus Communications

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasing in scope and frequency, and companies in high-risk industries face numerous challenges when it comes to defending themselves. While DDoS attackers don’t generally target data centers directly, that hasn’t spared them from DDoS-related problems, writes Jeffery Lyon of Black Lotus Communications. Read More

Real-time Advanced Analytics: The Time Is Now


To make the fullest use of your data, next-generation platforms and solutions should support the analysis of transactional information as events occur, without the latencies that arise when extracting data from data warehouses in order to run analytics. This is the idea behind real-time advanced analytics—a concept enabled by the latest generation of the Intel Xeon processor, writes Pat Buddenbaum of the Datacenter Group at Intel. Read More

DCIM Takes Mid-size Data Centers to the Next Level

Methode ElectronicsTIM HAZZARD
Methode Electronics

DCIM certainly is within reach for mid-size data centers, writes Tim Hazzard of Methode Electronics. But, when considering your options, evaluate the features and services that best fit your company’s needs. Let’s take a look at three myths about DCIM, and what the reality is. Read More

The Ergonomic Data Center: An Ode to the Column

Compass Datacenters

Although a number of factors go into the design of the average data center, the ease of its use for you and your personnel is not among them, writes Chris Crosby. This two-part series is designed to help you identify areas within your next data center that can, and should be, addressed to make sure that your new site accommodates your requirements rather than the other way around. Read More

Sticking Point: SDN Management Challenges

Packet Design

Achieving the many promises of software defined networking (SDN) needs to happen in evolutionary – not revolutionary – steps. One evolution that needs to happen is the adaptation of network management processes and tools that can keep up in a programmable world, writes Cengiz Alaettinoglu of Packet Design. Management processes and tools always seem to lag behind, but they are especially critical in SDN.
Read More

Professional Labeling Essential to Data Center Security and Audit Compliance

Brother Mobile Solutions

Large data centers are repositories for some of the most mission-critical information in the cyberworld today. For this reason, there are legal and regulatory compliance requirements mandating effective data center configuration and asset management across a wide range of closely regulated industries, writes Craig Robinson of Brother Mobile Solutions. Read More

Data Centers Should Trust Emergency Power to UL 1008 Listed Automatic Transfer Switches


When utility power at a data center fails, automatic switchover to an emergency backup power system that enables “business-as-usual” is the ideal scenario, writes Bhavesh Patel of ASCO. But sometimes that doesn’t happen because the transfer switch itself fails.While automatic transfer switches (ATSs) are the norm in data centers, they are not all the same. Read More

Encouraging Good Citizenship in the Data Centre

CenturyLink Technology Sol'nsANDY HUXTABLE
CenturyLink Technology Sol'ns

Ask not what your data centre can do for you, but what you can do for your data centre, writes Andy Huxtable of CenturyLink Technology Solutions. He states that it’s essential that customers understand the positive impact they can have on improving multi-tenanted environments. Read More

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