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Renewable Energy in Today’s Data Center

RON VOKOUN<br>Gray ConstructionRON VOKOUN
Gray Construction

Contrary to protests and reports from Greenpeace, a great deal of progress has been made in using forms of renewable energy by the leading companies in the data center industry, writes Ron Vokoun of Gray Construction. Items to consider when evaluating renewable energy, such as cost, the return on investment and the heavy reliance on incentives. Read More

Integrated Approach to DCIM Yields Best Results

HUGH LINDSAY<br />Schneider ElectricHUGH LINDSAY
Schneider Electric

Integration between Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software systems for improved management and operation of data center physical infrastructure results in greater value and benefits to the organization, writes Hugh Lindsay of Schneider Electric. An interconnected network of expert systems enables higher value, greater opportunities for collaboration and vastly improved decision support as compared to either the status quo or a master system to encompass all elements of physical infrastructure management. Read More

Trends in Data Center Optimization

Infosys Ltd.

With costs spiraling in the data center, focus is turning towards optimizing the data center infrastructure, writes Vaibhav Bhatia of Infosys Ltd. There are several emerging trends which demand notice and going to be discussed and debated this year. Read More

Protecting the Cloud: Data Erasure as a Best Practice


The explosion of digital data in the last ten years has brought with it a proliferation of hardware as data centers respond to cloud demands. In 2012, Gartner predicts that worldwide data center spending for hardware – including servers, storage and networking equipment – will total $106.4 billion, and will surpass $126.2 billion by 2015. The additional hardware, as well as that needed for technology refreshes, impacts data erasure requirements as data centers respond to ongoing and emerging trends, writes Markku Willgren, of Blancco. Read More

Reducing Server Power Consumption


Servers in data centers waste a substantial amount of energy, writes Clemens Pfeiffer of PowerAssure. The reason is: Servers are deployed and configured for peak capacity, performance and reliability, usually at the expense of efficiency. Read More

Data Center Design Models and Trends

Infosys Ltd.

Business drivers influence design, says Ron Diersen of Infosys Limited. The type of IT infrastructure in today’s data center is designed to provide specific business services, which impacts the physical design of the data center. Read More

Smart Racks: The Deep End of the Pool


With increasing size and complexity there is an increased need to drive intelligence to the domain of IT devices, writes Greg More of Raritan. Aptly named, “smart racks” bring intelligence to the data center that is helpful for planning and managing equipment, power and more. Read More

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