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The Intelligent Data Center

TIM HAZZARD</br>Methode ElectronicsTIM HAZZARD
Methode Electronics

The most important aspect of a data center is its reliability. So, it stands to reason that an integrated DCIM solution that allows for proactive problem solving and prevention would help ensure 24/7 availability. Read More

How Hosting Firms Can Help Clients Survive Site Blacklisting


Ridley Ruth is COO at Dropmysite, a cloud backup company. Blacklisting is probably more common than you think. While Google eschews the term “blacklist,” the search giant has quarantined as many as 10,000 websites per day in recent years, typically because the sites have been infected with malware and expose… Read More

Fog Computing for Internet of Things Needs Smarter Gateways


With the Internet of Things expected to include 26 billion connected units by 2020, data center managers must deploy more forward-looking strategies for meeting the needs of businesses. That means embracing “fog computing” as a way to bridge IoT devices to remote data centers and to process the huge data sets this maturing technology will produce. Read More

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