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Platform as a Service Ushers In True Private Cloud


As cloud evolves, business applications will be cushioned from the details of hardware by a “data-center-wide operating systems” known as Platform as a Service (PaaS), ushering in a true private cloud world, writes Sinclair Schuller, of Apprenda. Private PaaS allows enterprise developers access to the value of PaaS such as faster time to market and increased agility, without the adoption hurdles of the public sphere. Read More

NetFlow Helps Keep Tabs on Your Network


Advanced Netflow reporting assists network managers in maintaining healthy networks, and over the last decade has impacted the field of network monitoring, writes Michael Patterson, of Plixer. Advanced Netflow reporting allows companies to report on the top applications, hosts, protocols, interfaces, subnets on their networks; detect viruses, intrusions and other unwanted behaviors; and invoice customers by providing accurate IP traffic counts. Read More

Smart Data Center Design for More Effective Cooling

Emerson Network PowerDAVE KELLEY
Emerson Network Power

As complexity and criticality grows in the data center, it is more important than ever to have efficient cooling. Dave Kelley of Liebert examines a pair of design practices data center managers can carry out on the cooling side to increase efficiency, availability and capacity. Read More

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