Industry Perspectives

How Digitization Drives Energy Efficiency

i/o Data CentersANTHONY WANGER
i/o Data Centers

The digitization of our economy has dramatically reduced the use of paper and transportation systems. Modern data centers supporting this process contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions and overall energy consumption.

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Building the Cloud-Ready Data Center Network

Juniper NetworksANDY INGRAM
Juniper Networks

The lessons learned from cloud computing can vastly improve the scale, agility, and application service levels of enterprise data centers as well as reduce costs. Achieving these results requires close examination of the network itself, which is the foundation of the cloud-ready data center. Read More

Reaching Self-Actualization in IT Energy Efficiency


Data center operators can take the heat we don’t want in the data center and reuse it where needed, saving energy and lowering emissions. Companies around the world are already implementing this innovative heat reuse approach, sometimes referred to as “district heating.” Read More

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Managing the Expanding Temperature Envelope

Network PowerFRED STACK
Network Power

The recent expansion of data center temperature limits has raised various questions and concerns throughout the industry. Some data center and IT managers have voiced reservations about elevating the overall data center temperature and reducing their outage ride through time while others seek all possible efficiency gains. Read More