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Bringing Global HFT Data Centers Up to Speed


From New York to London to Tokyo, the hot buzz words “High Frequency Trading (HFT)” and “algorithmic trading” have been making their rounds on the world’s largest stock exchanges. They have revolutionized the way deals are made and this fast-growing HFT trend is expected to gain ground in Asia in the next few years. Brandon Lee of NTT writes about a new financially focused data centre facility which is being built in Hong Kong. Read More

Cloud Policy: Where Ideals Meet Reality, Part 2


Technology-driven business practices often circumvent government regulations, but legal and government policy standards will dictate the cloud’s success – this is a fundamental truth of cloud computing, according to Bob Deutsche of Intel. He elaborates on major global government cloud policy initiatives that you or your cloud provider should consider. Read More

The Time is Right for Service

OMAR McKEE<br>Emerson Network PowerOMAR McKEE
Emerson Network Power

Year’s end may be an opportune time for data center and IT managers to review data center infrastructure service strategies and perform much needed maintenance. Omar McKee of Emerson Network Power’s Leibert Services writes on what elements in your data center need maintenance. Read More

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