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Data Center Development Diary: Day 2


In order to begin building a data center you must first complete the site approval process. Although the methodology differs slightly between municipalities, the underlying goal here is to follow the city’s published guidelines to be able to present a plan that adheres closely enough to their requirements, writes Chris Curtis of Compass Data Centers as he continues his series of posts from “The Developer’s Diary.” Read More

Data Center Development Diary: Day 1


Although development is rarely in the spotlight, it plays a major role in the success of a data center project, writes Chris Curtis of Compass Data Centers in Day 1 of the Developer’s diary. The goal in this series is to take Data Center Knowledge readers through the development process of a project and share tips, best practices and head shaking anecdotes. Read More

Notes from the Road: DCIM Simplified


Asset management information should not be held in static spreadsheets or files, writes Gary Bunyan of iTRACS, but it should be part of a dynamic toolset in your DCIM. And asset management is the tip of the iceberg in DCIM. Read More

Storage: A Secret Weapon to Lower TCO in the Data Center


Adopting the right storage strategy can make a vast difference in your ability to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) writes Brendan Collins, of HGST. Customizing and tiering infrastructure workloads and tuning drives by application and function will help you more efficiently handle ever-increasing amounts of data. It will also allow you to optimize power consumption, cooling, storage density and performance to deliver new data center economics models Read More

Demand Design: Beyond ‘Keeping the Lights On’


What’s needed in organizations today is a new practical approach to planning and designing infrastructure, writes Hani Elbeyal of Dell. He emphasizes striking the balance between aligning the firm’s business drivers with IT strategy and reducing OpEx by spending a little more on planning, designing, automation and orchestration. Read More

Renewable Energy in Today’s Data Center

RON VOKOUN<br>Gray ConstructionRON VOKOUN
Gray Construction

Contrary to protests and reports from Greenpeace, a great deal of progress has been made in using forms of renewable energy by the leading companies in the data center industry, writes Ron Vokoun of Gray Construction. Items to consider when evaluating renewable energy, such as cost, the return on investment and the heavy reliance on incentives. Read More

Integrated Approach to DCIM Yields Best Results

HUGH LINDSAY<br />Schneider ElectricHUGH LINDSAY
Schneider Electric

Integration between Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software systems for improved management and operation of data center physical infrastructure results in greater value and benefits to the organization, writes Hugh Lindsay of Schneider Electric. An interconnected network of expert systems enables higher value, greater opportunities for collaboration and vastly improved decision support as compared to either the status quo or a master system to encompass all elements of physical infrastructure management. Read More

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