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Data Center Trends: Connectivity is Key, Green is Inevitable

EvoSwitchERIC BOONSTRA EvoSwitch

Eric Boonstra of EvoSwitch writes about the industry trends discussed at the DataCentres 2012 event, including challenges in the area of connectivity and the reality that data centers will no longer be able to avoid the need for green entrepreneurship. But green entrepreneurship doesn’t mean “greenwashing” either. Read More

Density – More than a Metric (Part 2)

Verne Global

In this second post in a series on density, Tate Cantrell of Verne Global writes about key considerations for data center planners as they work strategically to not only handle data center density, but to benefit from it. Read More

Delivering Corporate Networks to the Cloud: Is Your Network Ready?

DAVID WHITE<br />Ipanema TechnologiesDAVID WHITE
Ipanema Technologies

Today CIOs want to take advantage of the cost and efficiency benefits of cloud computing. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are ideally placed to benefit from this demand by offering value-added services to enterprise customers whilst countering the erosion of traditional MPLS revenues at the same time, writes David White of Ipanema Technologies. Read More

Virtualization of Data Centers: New Options in the Control and Data Planes

LSI Corp.

The Data Deluge occurring in today’s content-rich Internet, cloud and enterprise applications is increasing the volume, velocity and variety of information data centers must now process, writes Raghu Kondapalli of LSI Corporation. In response, organizations have begun virtualizing their data centers to become more cost-effective, power-efficient, scalable and agile. Read More

Do You Control Your Data Center or Is It Controlling You?

BEN ESHAY<br>RiT TechnologiesBEN ESHAY
RiT Technologies

In the last few years, data center operators seem to be constantly struggling to take control of various aspects of the data center in an effort to attain higher efficiency, writes Ben Eshay of RiT Techologies. One reason why efficiency seems so hard to attain could be the fact that the parameters in all areas of a data center are constantly changing. Read More

Density – More than a Metric (Part 1)

Verne Global

In a data center developer’s parlance, as in physics, the unit of data center density is pretty straightforward – server input power per unit of area – kilowatts per square meter or watts per square foot. There are, however, plenty of other variables that shape a discussion on the topic, writes Tate Cantrell of Verne Global. Read More

How Cloud Computing Has Shifted Engineering Hiring Demands: Part 2

MTM Technologies

Beyond personality shifts, hiring managers and organizations are looking for engineers and administrators to become “jacks-of-all-trades.” This doesn’t mean being an absolute expert at all of the technologies out there, writes Bill Kleyman of MTM Technologies. He identifies some areas where all workers need to have some basic understanding. Read More

Notes from the Road: Unlocking the Data


There is a tremendous amount of valuable data “locked inside” the physical infrastructure, buried in devices and/or applications, writes Gary Bunyan of iTRACS. This data can be valuable in managing the data center environment. Read More

Object Storage and the Death Knell of the File System


History is full of examples where people, empires and companies gained more power through their ability to better utilize information than others, writes Tom Leyden, Amplidata. Examples include the invention of script, double bookkeeping, punch cards, or relational databases. Today, we are witnessing the same sea change as Big Data imposes its consequences upon underlying data storage infrastructures.
Read More

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