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The Hidden Costs of System Sprawl

Florin Dejeu<br>SEPATON.Florin Dejeu

Many enterprise data managers have traditionally responded to data growth by simply adding disk-based backup targets. However, most systems are simply not designed for today’s massive data volumes or fast data growth. As a result, for many large enterprise data centers, the “add another system” approach has reached its breaking point, writes Florin Dejeu of SEPATON. Read More

Capturing Client Satisfaction: Seventh Key to Brokering IT Services Internally


What more can IT do? To lock in your new understanding of consumer needs and to stay abreast of trends in these needs, it is essential to include a survey into your processes. This is not just a satisfaction survey vainly seeking confirmation that IT has indeed “done well.” Rather, it’s critical to use this opportunity to ask probing questions to get a handle on how needs are changing and how future offerings might be driven, writes Dick Benton of Glasshouse.
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Building A Data Center Can Be A Blast: A Little TNT Can Help

Compass DatacentersCHRIS CURTIS
Compass Datacenters

Chris Curtis of Compass Datacenters writes about the need to blast through some rock in site preparations for a new data center. Like most things in the development world, the need to conduct controlled explosions has some plusses and some minuses, he concludes. This is the first in a three-part series on construction of a new data center.
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Real-Time Command and Control in NOCs

SIMON CLEW<br>Adder TechnologySIMON CLEW
Adder Technology

A key element for ensuring responsiveness in NOC and CCC’s is to give operators the ability to see clearly and in real-time what is occurring in the systems they are managing or using, writes Simon Clew of Adder Technology. Read More

Beating the Storage Odds in Age of Big Data


Storage vendors have spent a lot of time creating products that are based on a variety of individual architectures and protocols, writes Ambuj Goyal of IBM. Once an organization commits to one of those architectures, it’s difficult to even consider adding or transitioning to another, different, architecture. Read More

Showing IT Value through Proper Metrics


Even when IT investments are showing positive business results, how could you prove beyond any doubt, such positive impact was attributed to IT investments? asks Hani Elbeyali of Dell. Correct metrics, which are well communicated. will support your efforts and show IT’s business value. Read More

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