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Requirements for Building Today’s Data Centers

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In order for a data center investment to last the 10 to 15 years for which they are designed, the designs need to either be specifically tailored to a business’ current and future needs or they need to have the inherent flexibility to adapt as their needs change. Read More

Next-Gen Ops Management Needed in Cloud


While the basics of IT performance and availability management are the same as they have been for years, today’s movement to next-gen, cloud-based infrastructures is introducing a new layer of complexity, which requires organizations to manage operational challenges that come with a dynamic environment. Read More

Lessons from Service Providers on Private Cloud


Moving from a traditional IT shop to a private cloud provider means the IT team must change and begin to function like a service provider. While challenging, this transition can be made with careful planning and modeling yourselves after the service providers who have perfected the model. Read More

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