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Encouraging Good Citizenship in the Data Centre

CenturyLink Technology Sol'nsANDY HUXTABLE
CenturyLink Technology Sol'ns

Ask not what your data centre can do for you, but what you can do for your data centre, writes Andy Huxtable of CenturyLink Technology Solutions. He states that it’s essential that customers understand the positive impact they can have on improving multi-tenanted environments. Read More

State of the Data Center Puts IT in the Spotlight

Emerson Network Power

The appetite for everything digital shows no signs of being satiated; the data center will continue to be front and center, wrties Jack Pouchet of Emerson Network Power. The most recent analysis of the “state of the data center” shows no signs of diminished growth. Read More

Using DCIM To Achieve Simplicity in Face of Complexity

CA TechnologiesLARA GREDEN
CA Technologies

To achieve simplicity in the face of complexity, your data center and IT staff should seek to better understand system impacts in the data center across all roles and functions, writes Lara Greden of CA Technologies. This will enable your team to enhance uptime and availability, reduce costs, and improve execution to deliver top line results. Read More

The UPS Debate: A Conversation on High Efficiency, Multi-Mode UPSs

GE Critical PowerBRAD THRASH
GE Critical Power

There are a lot of smart people in the data center power protection market debating the merits, value, risks and rewards of high-efficiency uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs). Today’s Industry Perspectives, written by Brad Thrash of GE Critical Power, explores the technology of eco-mode UPS and the issues around its use. Read More

How to Prepare Private Cloud Services with a Hybrid Cloud Future in Mind


Both the value and types of hybrid cloud models available are expanding, writes Adam Fore of NetApp. And this means IT managers need to re-think their approach, using their expertise to assess cloud services and deploy applications to the best-suited resource, public cloud, private cloud, or infrastructure, thus becoming service brokers instead of infrastructure builders. Read More

7 Tips for Managing Preventive Maintenance at Data Centers

JEFF O'BRIEN<BR/>Maintenance AssistantJEFF O'BRIEN
Maintenance Assistant

Preventative maintenance ensures maximum reliability by taking precautionary and proactive steps to reduce unscheduled equipment downtime and other avoidable failures. The purpose of preventive maintenance is to institute scheduled inspections so that defects can be spotted before they evolve into something more severe, writes Jeff O’Brien of Maintenance Assistant. Read More

Pre-fabrication: A New Way of Architecting Data Centers

Schneider Electric

Today, data centers must be able to keep up with the pace of business where computing demands continue to increase at warp speed, and many managers are finding that legacy infrastructure can be expensive and difficult to scale as needed, writes Steven Carlini of Schneider Electric. To avoid these legacy problems, downtime and other issues, data center and facility managers are considering a recent innovation that will mitigate these difficulties: pre-fabricated architecture.
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