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Cutting Big Data Problems Down to Size


While all of the terabytes and terabytes data that the world is producing offers the promise of valuable insight, managing its sheer volume, as well as the speed with which it is being created is a tremendous challenge. How can companies turn piles of data into useful information? Jeff Rauscher of Redwood Software gives an overview of dealing with big data effectively. Read More

Servers Will Lead the Data Center Evolution

Young-Sae Song<br/>
AMDYoung-Sae Song

While virtualization has helped in increasing hardware utilization, two socket servers remain the most commonly deployed server hardware in the data center, yet offer enterprises little flexibility when it comes to swapping out parts that best suit emerging workloads or giving enterprises the ability to procure components from multiple vendors without concerns of interoperability, writes Young-Sae Song of AMD. Now, that is changing and open source designs are key to the evolution. Read More

A Data Center Build: Site Development, Permits & Zoning

Greenhouse DataSHAWN MILLS
Greenhouse Data

Once the design wheels are turning, it’s time to work with state and local governments on site development, permits and zoning. Many people groan at the thought of the politics involved, but this can actually be a rewarding chance to engage your community—and also improve business relationships, writes Shawn Miles of Greenhouse Data. Read More

Cloud Apps Are Getting Smarter


Companies may still be reluctant to move to cloud apps because they don’t want to give up critical predictive functionality that is baked into their core business processes, such as cross-sell, next best activity, or churn management, writes John Ball of KXEN. Lost revenue due to losing cross-sell capability would be staggering for a medium to large-scale contact center. But there are means to address this through predictive analytics. Read More

The Road to Acquiring DCIM: A Q&A Primer

CA TechnologiesLARA GREDEN
CA Technologies

What are compelling business activities at the strategic level that make Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) technology essential? Business cases for supporting investments in DCIM are often a combination of hard and soft costs, writes Lara Greden of CA Technologies. Read More

Is It Time To Optimize Your Data Center?

KEMP Technologies

Physical server sprawl, under-utilized assets, and lack of management tools contribute to the increase cost of running a data center. Chris Heyn of KEMP Technologies Italy explores ways to reduce costs in these areas. Read More

From the Ground Up: Building an Efficient Data Center

Greenhouse DataSHAWN MILLS
Greenhouse Data

This column, part of a series by Shawn Mills of Greenhouse Data, outlines more about designing an efficient facility, where design partners are the most useful and how site limitations and local ordinances force a compromise between the ideal infrastructure and realistic expectations. Read More

Optimizing Physical Infrastructure to Get More from Virtualization and the Cloud

Schneider ElectricPATRICK DONOVAN
Schneider Electric

Our increasingly digital lives cause data to grow exponentially, while increasing the need for more compute resources. Virtualizing workloads can harness more computing output from IT hardware. But while the benefits are well known and being taken advantage of, their effects on data center physical infrastructure are less understood and often overlooked, writes Patrick Donovan of Schneider Electric. Read More

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