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Managing Data Center Operating Expenses: “The Property Tax”

PATRICK PRICE<br/>DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.PATRICK PRICE
DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.

Managers of data centers focus a lot of attention on energy efficiency, PUE’s, redundancy, security, but who’s managing the property tax expense of the data center, asks Patrick Price of DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc. This column outlines items to review in your property tax assessment. Read More

Building a Business Case for SDN


Many companies are curious about how software-defined networks can improve their network operations, but no CIO will approve an SDN project without being able to make a business case to the CFO and CEO. In this article, we’ll look at some steps to take to build a business case, writes Steve Garrison of Pica8. Read More

Bringing DCIM Technology into Your Data Center

CA TechnologiesLARA GREDEN
CA Technologies

Facebook recently performed Proof of Concept with multiple DCIM vendors. While Facebook may have different criteria in how they approach DCIM than your organization, you may want to consider similar factors before deciding how to bring DCIM into your data center, writes Lara Greden of CA Technologies. Read More

7 Tips for Successful Governance of a System Integration Project

Magic Software AmericasGLENN JOHNSON
Magic Software Americas

System integration projects that leverage new social, mobile and cloud capabilities risk becoming overly complex, lengthy and expensive. By adopting a reasoned approach to IT governance of system integration projects, your chances for success will increase dramatically, writes Glenn Johnson of Magic Software. Read More

Successfully Marrying IT Process Automation Tools with Cloud Technology

Ayehu Software

IT process automation also offers similar benefits to cloud computing -flexibility, efficiency and opportunity for global expansion and this makes the two a very attractive combination, writes Gabby Nizri of Ayehu Software. Let’s take a look at how ITPA tools are currently working within the cloud and how to choose the ones that will most benefit your business. Read More

5 Major Drivers of OpEx in the Enterprise Network


Over the life of your networking gear, the total cost of ownership is dominated by ongoing operational costs – both administration and maintenance of the device, writes Michael Bushong of Plexxi. When looking to evaluate your budget for equipment, consider these five major drivers of OpEx in your network infrastructure. Read More

Top Five Hot Data Storage Trends

Dell Storage

Today’s organizations understand that quickly storing, securing, accessing and analyzing data, while managing it securely and cost-effectively, can mean the difference between business success and failure. Enterprises will continue to demand IT infrastructures that allow them to rapidly and efficiently deliver quality services, writes Alan Atkinson of Dell Storage. This column covers five enterprise storage trends that Dell expects to see heat-up this year. Read More

Fend Off Collateral Damage of DDoS Attacks

JEFFREY LYON<BR/>Black Lotus CommunicationsJEFFREY LYON
Black Lotus Communications

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasing in scope and frequency, and companies in high-risk industries face numerous challenges when it comes to defending themselves. While DDoS attackers don’t generally target data centers directly, that hasn’t spared them from DDoS-related problems, writes Jeffery Lyon of Black Lotus Communications. Read More

Real-time Advanced Analytics: The Time Is Now


To make the fullest use of your data, next-generation platforms and solutions should support the analysis of transactional information as events occur, without the latencies that arise when extracting data from data warehouses in order to run analytics. This is the idea behind real-time advanced analytics—a concept enabled by the latest generation of the Intel Xeon processor, writes Pat Buddenbaum of the Datacenter Group at Intel. Read More

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