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10 Data Projects Not to Leave Off the Schedule in 2014

JIM McGANN<br />
Index EnginesJIM McGANN
Index Engines

With budgets tightening – often to pay for storage costs – data center managers are struggling to find the highest impact projects that will see an immediate ROI. While there’s no one project that will reclaim all of the unstructured data rotting away in the data center, there are 10 crucial data projects not to leave off the schedule in 2014, writes Jim McGann of Index Engines. Read More

Storage Disaggregation in the Data Center

GILAD SHAINER<br />Mellanox TechnologiesGILAD SHAINER
Mellanox Technologies

With the availability of fast interconnect technologies, disaggregation of storage from the compute servers considerably reduces the total cost of investment in the data center in various ways, improves the efficiency of the storage utilization, adds to the resiliency of the storage stacks, and allows for pay-as-you-grow planning for the future of the data center, writes Gilad Shainer of Mellanox Technologies. Read More

How the IT Giants Stay at the Cutting Edge

EX-IT Technologies

The continuous purchase of new equipment can be fueled by the effective resale of the old, writes Kyle Bittner of Ex-IT Technologies. IT departments, large and small, know the key to a seamless upgrade path is the effective resale of aging equipment and components to fuel new purchases. Read More

Flash Storage: The Smart Way to Deploy Cost-Effectively


Technologies like flash, or solid-state memory, and tiering have evolved to the point where, when combined, they are proven cost-efficient for the data center, writes Alan Atkinson of Dell. They provide the speed, agility, flexibility and cost-efficiencies that are the alternative to a full “rip and replace.” Read More

Putting Your DCIM Plan into Action

CA TechnologiesLARA GREDEN CA Technologies

DCIM gives organizations several options for responding to business needs via the data center infrastructure, writes Lara Greden of CA Technologies. Work closely with your vendor as you put your DCIM strategy into action and ensure that your DCIM software addresses your requirements with a rich set of capabilities. Read More

Taking Your Cloud Deployment to the Next Level

Markley Group

A huge component of this success of your organization’s cloud experience will be dependent on where your cloud infrastructure is housed. The data center that your cloud calls home will have certain capabilities and features that may be the difference in whether your cloud keeps pace or falls behind. Uptimes, network bandwidth and security are some of the most important aspects of the data center infrastructure that companies must take into account, writes Aaron Patrick of Markley Group. Read More

Risky Business: When Disaster Strikes With No Recovery Plan

Talari NetworksDONNA JOHNSON Talari Networks

With experts estimating the average cost of downtime at $5,000 per minute, many organizations are at significant risk when it comes to the reliability of their data environments. WAN Virtualization can be deployed to prevent disasters from affecting business continuity and speed recovery, writes Donna Johnson of Talari Networks. Read More

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