Open Internet Exchange Movement Organizing


Open IX is a movement to bring the European approach to internet exchanges to the U.S. The group is seeking to change the way networks connect with one another, and hoping it will reduce the cost of the physical connections that tie the Internet together. Read More

Report: The Internet Runs (Mostly) on a Handshake

The network connections that tie the Internet together continue to function smoothly through a process that operates largely without contracts, according to a new report on Internet traffic exchanges by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Read More

CoreSite Connects US Data Centers to DE-CIX Exchange

CoreSite (COR) will provide direct access to Germany’s DE-CIX peering exchange from multiple CoreSite locations across the U.S. The move strengthen’s CoreSite’s Open Internet Exchange Hub, which aggregates interconnection capabilities of the world’s leading internet exchanges. Read More

Market Overview: Carrier Ethernet Exchanges

Figure 1:  Carrier Ethernet Exchange (Courtesy MEF)

A number of leading data center providers are investing in specialized exchanges to support Carrier Ethernet services. Here’s a look at the players in the Carrier Ethernet Exchange business, and an overview of this emerging market. Read More

Level 3 vs. Comcast: More Than A Peering Spat?

Peering dispute or breach of net neutrality? A dispute between Level 3 and Comcast appears to have been precipitated by Level 3’s recent addition of online video service Netflix as a major new customer its content delivery network (CDN) business. Read More

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