VMware Buys Nicira in $1.2 Billion Embrace of SDN

This graphic provides an overview of how Nicira software creates a network virtualization layer to make it easier to manage virtual machines. (Source: Nicira)

VMware will buy Nicira, a leading player in software defined networking (SDN) for $1 billion in a bold move to boost its position in data center networking. Nicira’s software platform manages a network abstraction layer, which lets users create virtual networks that operate independently of the underlying physical network hardware. Read More

Network News: CENX, Level 3, Ciena

Network News: CENX gets $9.5 million investment, Level 3 (LVLT) selected to connect ScaleMatrix colo from Ciena (CIEN) selected for Trans-Pacific 100G submarine network. Read More

The Impact of IPv6, and Why It Matters


Around the Web on June 6, World IPv6 Launch Day was celebrated to encourage organizations to move from IPv4 to IPv6. Why? Basically, the Web was running low on Internet addresses with the IPv4 protocol. With IPv6, there will be 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses available.
Read More

Rethinking Core Economics of Network Growth

With growing broadband traffic projections, service providers are forced to balance network capacity and operational costs constantly. This white paper from Alcatel-Lucent quantifies the operational cost advantages of the Alcatel-Lucent 7950 XRS in relation to traditional core routing alternatives in the form of a financial study. Read More

Roundup: Cisco’s Approach to SDN

The announcement of Cisco’s Open Network Environment, the networking titan’s strategic response to the emergence of software defined networking (SDN) prompted reactions from analysts and tech watchers around the web. Here’s a roundup of notable analysis and commentary. Read More

Cisco Launches Open Network Environment


Cisco this week introduced its approach to network programmability, Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE). Intended as a response to current approaches to software-defined networking (SDN), Cisco ONE includes a set of platform APIs, agents and controllers, and overlay network technologies. Read More

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