Roundup: Enthusiasm Builds for IPv6 ‘Launch’


Enthusiasm is building for World IPv6 Launch Day on Wednesday, when a consortium of major players in Internet infrastructure says parts of their infrastructure will begin supporting IPv6. What does this “launch” really mean? Here’s our review of some of today’s noteworthy links discussing this week’s event. Read More

Helpful Resources for the IPv6 Transition


This Wednesday is IPv6 Launch Day, which marks the unofficial kickoff for the Internet transition from IPv4 to IPv6. Here are some Industry Perspectives columns on the topic that may prove helpful to companies and providers working on the IPv6 transition. Read More

Roundup: VMware, Cariden, Juniper

Juniper advances Mykonos security software, Cariden introduces network analytics solution, VMware vSphere 5.0 has achieved Common Criteria certification at Evaluation Assurance Level 4. Read More

Alcatel-Lucent Introduces New Core Routers


Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) has unveiled new core routers designed to allow network operators to embrace the rapid adoption of ‘cloud’ applications, the explosion in video traffic, widespread use of smartphones and tablets and prepare the core of their networks for the next decade of growth. Read More

Network News: Level 3, CENX, Ciena

Defense Department selects Level 3 (LVLT) for potential $410 million dollar contract, CENX announces Ethernet backhaul management services, Ciena (CIEN) lights 100G European link for C&W. Read More

Dell Acquires AppAssure, Cisco to Buy Lightwire

Dell purchased AppAssure to gain technology that delivers reliable application recovery from customers’ servers to their data center and their cloud, while Cisco is acquiring Lightwire, which makes advanced optical interconnect technology for high-speed networking applications. Read More

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