SeaMicro Powers Massive LAN Party on Wheels

The Firefall Mobile Gaming Unit (MGU) is a 48-foot bus packed with 20 high-end AMD gaming stations, which can support LANs of up to 3,000 people and connect gamers from any location to millions of others around the world. It’s an achievement that requires packing a lot of server power into a small space – in this case, with an AMD SeaMicro server.. Read More

Experiencing Heavy Server Load? Just Slow Down Time

When demand on a server spikes dramatically, sometimes you need to improvise to keep things online. When a single misclick tested the server infrastructure for the EVE Online gaming universe, admins altered the timeline of the game to keep the game functioning. Read More

Sony to Reboot Playstation PSN in New Data Center

Sony said today that it will shift the operation of the Playstation Network (PSN) to a new data center as part of a broader retooling to improve the security of the service, which was shut down last week after intruders gained access to data from up to 78 million customer accounts. Read More

StarCraft II to Join Warcraft on AT&T Hosting

Blizzard Entertainment said Tuesday that it will continue to use AT&T’s data centers to hosts World of Warcraft and other upcoming games. That means that AT&T will provide the back end for Blizzard’s highly-anticipated StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty virtual world, which launches July 27th. Read More

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