DCIM: Giving Business a Competitive Advantage

The data center has emerged as a strategic tool in the overall corporate objective. This whitepaper examines the various justifications for a DCIM solution and how it helps to optimize systems that generate revenue, provide customer service and assist organizational assets. Read More

Sentilla 4.0 Updates Data Center Analytics

A screen shot from Sentilla 4.0, showing a view which allows data center operators to compare the cost trends in in-house data centers and cloud computing environments. Click the image for a larger version.

Data center analytics specialist Sentilla Corporation announced the release of Sentilla 4.0 software for data center infrastructure management (DCIM), adding new features to help companies use real data to evaluate the impact of projects before they’re implemented. Read More

Is Maintenance Making Your Facility Less Reliable?

Is “preventive maintenance” not really that preventive after all? In the data center, where human error is a leading cause of downtime, a vigorous maintenance schedule can actually make a facility less reliable, according to several speakers at this week’s 7×24 Exchange Fall Conference. Read More