Facebook Scales Servers with Retooled Chef

Facebook has deployed a new version of Opscode’s Chef that has been rewritten from the ground up to handle the Internet’s toughest scalability challenges. Using Private Chef, Facebook’s infrastructure team can manage thousands of servers, configurations, and access policies. Read More

Future Facilities Releases 6SigmaDC 7.1

Future Facilities announced the availability of the 6SigmaDC Suite Release 7.1. The update of the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software includes a major focus on increased usability for modeling and reporting. Read More

Decrease Costs and Gain a Competitive Advantage By Improving DCIM

With the evolution of the modern data center come some very real – and very new – management challenges. In an effort to be competitive in the industry, many organizations have deployed new technologies in their environment. The issue is that these new tools and platforms become management challenges. The problem became apparent when numerous moving parts within a data center had to be managed by various people or numerous different software tools. Read More

Data Center Modernization: From Smart Data Centers to Enterprise Smart Grids

The evolution of the modern data center has taken place on numerous levels. Now, data center managers are looking for ways to optimize their environments and gain an upper hand on cost management. One of the biggest ways to create a more robust environment while still controlling costs is to examine how power consumption is being used within a given environment. Read More