Emerson Launches Aperture Resource Manager

Emerson Network Power is introducing Aperture Integrated Resource Manager, a new tool to help data center managers improve efficiency and better manage capacity to extend the lifespan of existing infrastructure resources. Read More

Align Your Data Center and Business Goals

This case study shows how leading Fortune 1000 companies including Elsevier, Fujitsu, JPMorgan Chase and the National Institutes of Health rely on Aperture VISTA solutions to help them optimize data center operations, deliver better services at lower cost and reduce risk. Read More

Data Center Construction Hiring in Spotlight

As data center projects emerge as important economic development opportunities, they are increasingly seen as a potential source of jobs. as local governments use tax incentives to lure major data centers, residents are watching to see whether these projects create jobs for local residents. Read More

Opscode Equips DevOps to Automate the Cloud

Seattle startup OpsCode says its community of developers is creating a pool of open source tools for developer operations (DevOps), a combination of a systems administrator and developer who can quickly configure and update dynamic data center environments. Read More

Geist Acquires EnviroNet Monitoring Tools

A screen shot of the Environet monitoring software, which is now part of Geist Intelligent Facilities.

RLE Technologies has sold its Environet Product Group to Plastic Companies Enterprises, Inc., the parent company of power and monitoring specialist Geist Manufacturing. The Environet product line will become part of the newly formed Geist Intelligent Facilities Read More

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