SynapSense Raises Additional $5 Million

SynapSense Corporation has secured $5 million in funding from an investor group including GE Energy Financial Services, which will also collaborate with SynapSense on marketing both companies’ data center management tools. Read More

Puppet Labs Gets Funding from Kleiner Perkins

Data center automation provider Puppet Labs has secured a $5 million Series B funding round led by venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and also announced the release of new features for its server management software. Read More

Dell Acquires Scalent

Dell announced Thursday that it has signed an agreement to acquire Scalent, a private company that provides software that makes data center infrastructure dynamic, easily scalable and highly efficient. Read More

Uptime Releases New Operations Standard

The Uptime Institute has released its new Operational Sustainability standard for data center owners, operators, and managers. Uptime’s new initiative aligns with the growing industry emphasis on best practices as well as infrastructure redundancy. Read More

Capacity Planning at Internet Scale

Mark Williams, VP of Operations for the Zynga Gaming Network,  and Jay Parikh,  director of engineering at Facebook, discuss capacity planning at Structure 2010.

At Structure 2010, infrastructure managers for some of the web’s largest sites compared notes on the challenges of capacity planning, and how they scale to deliver content to hundreds of millions of users. Read More

Data Center Economics: Build vs. Buy

Does it make more sense to build your own data center, use a colocation center to house your gear, or lease turn-key space from a wholesale data center provider? Capital, control, speed to market and the size of the requirement are all key considerations in determining the best approach. Read More

Following CA Deal, Nimsoft Gaining Traction

Nimsoft scored another big win in the cloud sector, as SoftLayer Technologies said it will standardize on Nimsoft and deploy its monitoring solution on more than 25,000 systems. Last month Rackspace Hosting (RAX) also standardized on Nimseoft. Read More

Uptime Institute to Offer Operations Standard

The Uptime Institute is expanding its data center classification offerings to add a standard for operations, which will be designed to complement the group’s Tier system. The Operational Sustainability Standard will be based on management and operations, building characteristics, and site location. Read More

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