Lightning vs. Data Centers

The outages for Amazon and Microsoft in Dublin represent one of the most serious downtime incidents tied to lightning strikes. Although data centers routinely ride out thunderstorms and utility outages without incident, lightning strikes have figured in a number of past outages. Here’s a review, and links that can help prepare your facility for lightning storms. Read More

Aberdeen Research: Quantifying Downtime

With limited budgets and so many initiatives how do you request money for disaster recovery? You will find an answer in this Aberdeen Research entitled “Data center Downtime, How Much Does It Really Cost?,” which is enlightening in several respects. Read More

Rapture Group’s Web Site Having Problems

The web site of Family Radio, which has predicted that the “Rapture” of Christian believers will take place at 6 p.m. today, is currently unreachable for many Internet users. The web site’s performance problems came as time zones in New Zealand reached 6 p.m., the hour at which radio evangelist Harold Camping predicted that believers would leave the earth. Read More

Internet Traffic Surges on Bin Laden News

Internet traffic in North America spiked sharply Sunday night as users tracked news that the U.S. military had found and killed Al Qaeda leader Osma bin Laden, but fell short of record traffic levels due to the timing of the announcement. Read More

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