Sandy’s Impact: The View from the Network

Monitoring from Keynote, Renesys and RIPE provided a high-level analysis of how the Internet managed the storm, allowing us to paint a broader picture than the facility outages we’re tracking in our data center coverage. Read More

Massive Flooding Damages Several NYC Data Centers

Flooding from Hurricane Sandy has hobbled two data center buildings in Lower Manhattan, taking out diesel fuel pumps used to refuel generators. There were also reports of outages for some tenants at a major data hub at 111 8th Avenue, and many other New York area facilities were running on generator power amid widespread utility outages. Read More

Cable Cut in Midwest Hobbles Alaska Airlines

In an incident that underscores the sometime unlikely ripples from local events, a fiber cut on a Sprint cable in Wisconsin severed Alaska Airlines’ connection to Sabre, the system the airline uses for reservations and ticketing. Read More

Go Daddy Outage Causes Widespread Downtime

Domain registrar Go Daddy is experiencing a major domain name service (DNS) outage, which is impairing access to many customer web sites. Go Daddy manages 52 million domain names, meaning a DNS outage could affect millions of web sites across the Internet. Read More

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