Technical Details of Facebook Outage

Facebook was offline for more than two hours today after a configuration change created a feedback loop that overwhelmed a database cluster. The only way to fix the problem was to take the web site offline. Read More

Digg Downtime Debacle Debated

No, thius isn't Digg's new home page. Not most of the time, anyway.

Does the downtime at social media hub Digg reflect challenges in deploying NoSQL databases like Cassandra? Or is it simply a case of a company launching a new site architecture before it was ready for prime time? Read More

Drunken Employee Shoots Up A Server

Police in Salt Lake City say an employee of a mortgage company opened fire on a $100,000 server with a .45 caliber automatic, and then concocted a cover story that his gun had been stolen and used to shoot up the IT equipment. Read More

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