Facebook’s Energy Use Focused in Colo Space

Facebook has been building some of the world’s most efficient data centers. But its leased space accounts for 85 percent of its data center energy use, and will continue to have a big impact on its carbon footprint for several more years. Read More

Q&A: Clemens Pfeiffer on Data Center Efficiency

While there is much discussion and theorizing about data center efficiency in the industry, some individuals are focused on driving efficiency on a daily basis. This email Q&A with the CTO of Power Assure considers some of the significant issues in efficiency. Read More

IntelliBatt Gets $22 Million in Funding, New CEOs

IntelliBatt, which provides batteries, cabinets and monitoring technology for data center UPS systems, has secured a $22 million equity investment led by Columbia Capital. The company also announced that two veterans of Rackable Systems will share the CEO duties. Read More

Hosts: Leap Second Caused Spike in Power Usage

Several large web hosting providers, including Hetzner and OVH, say the “leap second” last weekend caused power usage to spike on their Linux servers, which continued drawing power at above-average levels until the server was restarted. Read More

Mazzarella Named President & CEO at Graybar

Kathleen Mazzarella is the new President and CEO of Graybar, a major distributor of electrical and communications products for the data center industry. She succeeds Robert Reynolds, Jr. who now serves as Graybar’s executive chairman, overseeing the company’s strategy and providing guidance to the executive team. Read More

ABB & Green Unveil DC-Powered Data Center

Swiss IT provider Green and power conglomerate ABB today unveiled a new data center in Zurich that they are touting as “the most powerful application of DC in a data center to date.” The facility features a 1 megawatt DC power distribution solution for the 1,100 square meter (11,800 square feet) expansion of the its Zurich-West data center. Read More

Maintaining Long-Term Reliability of Critical Power Systems

Critical applications require uninterruptible, high quality power. The most advanced of these systems are found in data centers where uninterruptible power supply and generator equipment maintain the continuity of power without one cycle of interruption. Effective maintenance is required to keep these systems dependable. Read More

Power Monitoring for Modern Data Centers

Mission critical facilities such as data centers are prime candidates for power monitoring systems. By employing monitoring systems to analyze system-wide real-time power data, facility managers can reduce the cost of electricity and improve its quality and reliability. Read More

Can Data Centers Can Make the Grid Greener?

Can the combined purchasing power of the data center industry make renewable energy more accessible? Google’s Joe Kava this week challenged the industry to work together to build a consortium to buy renewable power and push it to the grid. Read More

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