Maintenance, Downtime and Outages

Is resistance to off-hours downtime to maintain power systems increasing the likelihood of a prime-time outage? And are historic tensions between IT and facilities contributing to the problem?
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Inside Active Power's PowerHouse

Here’s a video tour of the PowerHouse, a 40-foot container from Active Power (ACPW) that houses a diesel generator, flywheel UPS and switchgear to support a data center container. Read More

Emerson Looks to a Solar Future

Emerson Network Power has installed this 7,800 square foot solar array on the roof of its new St. Louis data center.

Emerson Network Power’s new data center in St. Louis features a 7,800-square-foot rooftop solar array, which can generate up to 100 kilowatts of supplemental power for the data center. Read More

Visual Guide to Energy in the U.S.


NPR has created a tool offering a visual guide to renewable energy in the United States, allowing you to quickly scan which states offer the most abundant supply of hydroelectric power or wind generation. Read More

Solar Power at Data Center Scale

i/o Data Centers is installing a huge array of solar panels on the roof of its new Phoenix ONE data center. The company says the huge field of photovoltaic panels will generate up to 4.5 megawatts of power. Read More

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