A Software-Oriented Approach to Energy Efficiency

To satisfy increasing load densities created by advances in server equipment as well as an increased demand for computing power, greater data center power consumption is necessary. Energy efficiency measures are therefore highly important considerations for data center designers, operators and owners. Read More

The Importance of Real-Time Power Monitoring

This white paper from Raritan answers some of the most challenging questions associated with energy management while providing detailed explanations of how to correct some of the most common false assumptions regarding power consumption in the data center. Read More

New Study Reinforces Case for DC Power Savings

Dennis Symanski, EPRI

Five years after a key study outlining the potential energy savings for DC power distribution, adoption remains limited, even as the data center industry aggressively pursues a wide array of other energy savings strategies. Advocates of DC power continue to make the case for DC distribution in data centers, and at the Data Center Efficiency Summit presented a new case study showing gains over AC systems. Read More

Rethink Power Monitoring

In “Power Monitoring for Modern Data Centers” noted Electrical Engineer, Reza Tajali, P.E. of Square D Power Systems Engineering, offers a quick but insightful understanding of data center energy consumption and how to measure it. Read More

ComRent Highlights Rack-Mounted Load Bank


ComRent, a load bank rental solutions and services company has announced the development of its CRLS 11.5 rack-mounted load bank system, which it says allows for a more accurate validation test compared to using floor standing load banks for CRAC and Chiller System capacity tests. Read More

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