Servers That Generate Their Own Power

What if your web server could generate its own power? Applied Methodologies Inc. has been working for several years to develop prototypes of servers and switches that use waste heat to generate power. Read More

Active Power Secures $12.5 Million

Critical Power solutions provider Active Power (ACPW) announced Wednesday that it has secured a new multi-year credit facility through Silicon Valley Bank. The $12.5 million line of credit replaces a $6 million credit facility set to expire later this year. Read More

Data Centers With No UPS or Generator?

Is the data center industry ready for a data center with no UPS and no generators? That seems like a radical concept. But Yahoo is considering going without UPS and generators for some future data center projects, and some designers are urging clients to examine whether some IT load can run without UPS support. Read More

Power and Cooling Maintenance Tips

June and July are tough on uptime, as we’re seeing again this year. Regular maintenance is key to maintaining the reliability of your power and cooling infrastructure. Here are some tips from Processor. Read More

Emerson Wins Battle for Chloride

Emerson Electric (EMR) appears to have won the bidding war for the UK-based vendor Chloride Group PLC with its revised bid of $1.5 billion, besting a rival offer from ABB. The deal would combine two leading makers of UPS equipment for data centers. Read More

Emerson Makes Higher Bid for Chloride

The bidding war continues for UK critical power equipment vendor Chloride Power. Emerson Electric appears to have seized the upper hand with a revised bid of $1.5 billion, topping a $1.3 billion offer from ABB. Read More

Large UPS Sale for Active Power

Active Power (ACPW) said yesterday that it has received a follow-on multimillion dollar order for its CleanSource UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems from a major search company, totaling nearly 13 megawatts of total rated UPS capacity. Read More

Energy Star for Data Centers is Launched

Data centers can now earn the Energy Star label seen on TVs, refrigerators and computer monitors. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has officially launched a program that allows data centers to receive an Energy Star rating based on a PUE score. Read More

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