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Facebook Follows Google to Data Center Savings

[caption id="attachment_18889" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="A graphic of the new data center power distribution system being implemented at Facebook, which replaces a central UPS with a battery built into the power supply."][/caption]

Facebook is stepping up its efforts to make its data centers cheaper and more efficient, and is following in the footsteps of Google in several of its key initiatives. Facebook says it’s streamlining its servers, and also plans to adopt a novel power distribution design pioneered by Google.
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Bull Debuts Mobull Container for HPC

There’s a new entry in the market for data center containers from Bull, the French IT conglomerate. The Mobull container is designed to house up to 1,620 servers and support power loads nearing 40kW per rack. Read More

eBay Apologizes for Search Snafu

eBay’s search feature, which is a key to connecting the site’s millions of buyers and sellers, was down for much of Saturday, prompting an apology to users as eBay restored search functionality in phases. Read More

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