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PUE and Marketing Mischief

Is it possible to “reclaim PUE from the marketing department.” Mike Manos poses the question in the latest in a growing conversation about the effectivness of the energy efficiency metric. Read More

Rackspace CEO Napier on Dallas Outages

Rackspace Hosting (RAX) has posted a video in which President and CEO Lanham Napier provides additional information about the recent outages at the company’s Dallas data center and how Rackspace plans to address them. Read More

Hosting Downtime and Competition

A look at outage-related customer poaching through “rescue marketing” using Twitter and Google keyword ads, along with an interesting perspective from ServInt CEO Reed Caldwell. Read More

Fire Causes Outage at Toronto Carrier Hotel

A fire at the 1`51 Front Street carrier hotel in Toronto left several data center customers offline for hours over the weekend. Peer 1 Networks reported that a fire broke out at 2:26 a.m. Sunday (Eastern time) in an eighth-floor electrical room. Read More

The Day After: A Brutal Week for Uptime

Last week was a brutal one for the data center industry, with high-profile outages for several companies with strong reputations for uptime, and a fire at a data center complex. Here’s a look at what happened, and the fallout and lessons learned. Read More

ThermoCabinet: 2,500 Watts A Square Foot


i/o Data Centers has officially unveiled its ThermoCabinet for ultra high-density high computing, which can support computing power loads of up to 32 kilowatts per rack – the equivalent of 2,500 watts per square foot. Read More

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