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HP Converged Infrastructure For Dummies


Today’s modern IT infrastructure is more demanding than ever. With more devices, more users and IT consumerization, there has become a greater need for agility and efficiency. Many organizations have moved towards better computing practices and strive to increase the amount of users they can support – both now and… Read More

Dark Fiber Challenges Derail Project in Upstate NY

An aerial view of the Yahoo data center in Lockport, N.Y.

Why aren’t more companies building data centers in a seemingly ideal location in Upstate New York? Local officials in Lockport, N.Y. say a data center company that spent two years evaluating a site near Yahoo has backed out die to a lack of dark fiber at the site. Read More

Asetek Liquid Cooling To Support EU Initiative

A server tray using Asetek's Rack CDU Liquid Cooling system, which was announced this week. The piping system connects to a cooling distribution unit. (Source: Asetek)

Previously reserved for extreme densities and supercomputers, liquid cooling continues to make strides in the data center. Asetek announced that its data center liquid cooling solutions are a part of the European Commission roadmap for moving to a low-carbon economy. Read More

Heat Spike in Data Center Caused Hotmail Outage


The Hotmail servers got entirely too hot Tuesday, causing a major outage for Microsoft’s web-based email services. Both Hotmail and were offline for up to 16 hours after a failed software update caused the heat to spike in one part of a data center supporting those services. Read More

The Green Grid’s New Metric Tackles IT Recycling

Improved energy efficiency practices could cut server room energy waste by at least 40 percent, saving businesses and organizations over $3 billion annually, says NRDC.

The Green Grid continues to broaden its scope. The industry group is proposing an electronics disposal metric for commercial end-users of IT equipment, and believes that its new Electronics Disposal Efficiency (EDE) metric will boost recycling and influence change on a global scale. Read More

Virtualization: The Next Frontier…


The data center industry has moved way beyond simple server virtualization, and is exploring new avenues to make virtualization an even more powerful platform. Let’s take a look at some of these newer approaches to virtualization. Read More

Guide to Optimizing Your Data Center’s Efficiency


Evolving from server closets to multi-million dollar facilities, the modern data center incorporates a number of innovations that contribute to its effective and efficient operation. Facility and IT infrastructure must be agile and keep pace with the business, while maintaining mission-critical distinction. Read More

Boston ARMing Developers With ARM-as-a-Service Cloud


Boston Limited wants to help developers future proof their applications for the upcoming ARM-based world. The fast, low-cost, power-efficient processors that could have been drawing a lot of attention, so now comes a commercially available cloud for developer needs. Read More

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