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Hardcore Becomes LiquidCool, Eyes Server Market

The Liquid Blade from Hardcore Computer, which immerses blade servers in dielectric fluid coolant. Sun co-founder Scott McNealy is now an advisor to Hardcore.

Hardcore Computer is retooling its business to focus on licensing its liquid cooling technologies for servers and high performance computing. As part of that shift, the company is changing its name to LiquidCool Solutions and will discontinue manufacturing PCs, workstations and servers. Read More

Wind-Powered Data Center Project On Hold


An oft-delayed project to build a major wind-powered data center is on hold again. Backers of WindData have scrapped plans to build a campus in a suburb of Austin that was to feature as many as five data centers. The Baryonyx Corp. says it is no longer considering a 50-acre site in Pflugerville that had been the focus of its development efforts over the past year. Read More

The Green Grid and Climate Savers Will Merge

The Green Grid has adopted a metric for data center productivity, or "useful work."

The Green Grid, a global consortium focused on improving energy efficiency in data centers, announced today that the Climate Savers Computing Initiative will merge with The Green Grid, moving its programs and membership into The Green Grid brand. Read More

IntelliBatt Gets $22 Million in Funding, New CEOs

IntelliBatt, which provides batteries, cabinets and monitoring technology for data center UPS systems, has secured a $22 million equity investment led by Columbia Capital. The company also announced that two veterans of Rackable Systems will share the CEO duties. Read More

Facebook Revises its Data Center Cooling System

One of the huge chambers inside the "penthouse" cooling system used by Facebook in its new Oregon data center. Facebook has updated some elements of the system in its newest data centers. (Photo credit: Alan Brandt)

Facebook is updating its data center cooling system, swapping media in place of misters. The changes to the social network’s multi-room “penthouse” cooling were based on lessons learned during the first year of operating its data center in Prineville, Oregon. Read More

Data Center Fire Disrupts Key Services in Calgary


The city of Calgary is recovering from the impact of a data center fire that crippled city services and delayed hundreds of surgeries at local hospitals. The explosion and fire last Wednesday in a Shaw Communications facility knocked out both the primary and backup systems. Read More

Greenpeace vs. Apple Feud Fueled by Strange Math

The exterior of the Apple data center facility in Maiden, North Carolina (Source: Apple)

Greenpeace has issued a “regrading” of Apple’s data centers that gives the company Cs and Ds – as opposed to its earlier Ds and Fs. But the environmental group continues to use an estimate of Apple’s power use in its North Carolina data center that is four times higher than Apple’s numbers. Read More

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