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AST Modular Moves Beyond ISO Containers


AST Modular, the Spanish firm specializing in pre-fabricated data centers, has moved beyond the container. The company recently completed its first non-ISO Modular Data Center (MDC) project for a leading educational institution in Ontario, Canada. Read More

Chilldyne Debuts New Liquid Cooling Technology


This year’s SC13 conference marked the public debut for Chilldyne, a startup out of Carlsbad, Calif. that addresses one of the most common concerns about liquid cooling – the potential for equipment to be damaged by fluid leaks. Read More

Cloud News: OnApp Extends its IaaS Platform


VMware vCloud Hybrid receives a HIPAA asessment, HyTrust acquires HighCloud Security, OnApp extends its IaaS platform to external hosts, and GenieDB launches an online management console for geo-distributed MySQL databases. Read More

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