Cloud Computing Driving Data Center Automation


The dynamic nature of cloud computing has pushed data center workload, server, and even hardware automation to whole new levels of automation. Here’s a look at the layers of automation and orchestration available now, and what might be yet to come. Read More

Cisco Buys JouleX for $107 Million for Energy Management SaaS

Cisco logo

Cisco will acquire JouleX for approximately $107 million. JouleX is a provider of enterprise IT energy management for network-attached and data center assets/ The acquisition enhances Cisco’s software-as-a-service offerings with energy management, fitting particularly well with Cisco EnergyWise. Read More

The eBay Dashboard Shows Company Performance

eBay dashboard

eBay introduced its Digital Service Efficiency (DSE) dashboard last quarter, a “miles-per-gallon” type look into data center infrastructure efficiency. Now that a quarter has passed, how did the company do in terms of its goals? Read More

CA Integrates Eaton Power Management Into DCIM Suite

eaton Logo 03-12

Two players in the data center management space just got closer. Eaton’s power management technologies, which help increase power reliability and control cost by reducing energy consumption, have been integrated into CA’s DCIM software, in a turnkey solution. Read More

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