Preventing and Detecting Environmental Dangers

Environmental factors like heat, humidity, airflow, smoke and electricity can be just as devastating to server room equipment as any network threat. Increases in heat from 68 degrees F to 86 degrees F alone can reduce the long-term reliability of electronic equipment by as much as 50%. Read More

Vigilent, CiRBA Raise Funding for DCIM Tools

Investors continue to see opportunity in the growing market for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software. Today CiRBA said it has raised $15 million in institutional funding, while Vigilent has lined up $6.7 million from Accel Partners and several “super angels.” Read More

Emerson: 10 Common Data Center Surprises

At Data Center World, Emerson Network Power has released a list of 10 common surprises for data center and IT managers and offered tips on how to be prepared for them. Will you be surprised by these surprises? Check out the list. Read More

Intel: Emerging Player in DCIM Ecosystem

As DCIM continues to gain traction and funding, Intel is building a key role in this emerging business. While known primarily for processors, Intel’s innovation extends to middleware like Data Center Manager, which captures real-time information on servers’ energy use and temperature and packages it in a data feed. Read More