Schneider Expands DCIM with Intel, Cisco

Schneider Electric has updated its StruxureWare software for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) to support technologies from technology titans Intel (INTC) and Cisco (CSCO). The updates make it easier to identify underused or abandoned servers, and to enhance the power management features for customers using Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS). Read More

Sentilla Updates Data Center Management Software

A view of the data available in Sentilla's DCPM software platform, Sentilla v5.

Sentilla Version 5, a software platform for Data Center Performance Management (DCPM), was rolled out this week. The platform allows for the granular management of assets inside the data center and across data centers, and incorporates one’s cloud assets as well. Read More

What Lies Ahead for the Future of DCIM?

The future of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software is very bright indeed, with research analysts predicting growth to as high as 60 percent penetration by 2015. Although there are some large players in the sector, there are also a number of smaller vendors who may very well impact the market. Read More

DCIM Yields Return on Investment


As with any investment in the data center, the question of the return on the investment should be raised before purchasing a DCIM solution. DCIM will not transform your data center or budgets overnight, but it will begin the process. Read More

How Do I Select a DCIM Tool to Fit My Data Center?

Although similar in many respects, every data center is unique. In choosing a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, data center managers might choose very different solutions based on their needs. Before choosing a DCIM solution, it is important to first know what it is you want to receive from the solution.
Read More

Why Do I Need DCIM?

DCIM Guide

There are a number of benefits in implementing a Data Center Infrastructure System (DCIM) solution. To illustrate this point, consider the primary components of data center management. Read More

DCK Guide to Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

The IO.OS data center management software running inside one of IO's modular data centers. IO this week updated the software to offer additional features. (Photo: IO)

Today’s data centers are more complex, more interdependent and more critical than ever before. This has led to the need for more intelligent and automated IT infrastructure management. To understand the benefits and different types of DCIM solutions we created the Data Center Knowledge Guide to Data Center Infrastructure Management. Read More