Tom Roberts Named New President of AFCOM

Data center industry veteran Tom Roberts is the new president of AFCOM, the leading association for data center managers, the group announced today. Roberts steps into AFCOM’s top position after years of experience as president of a local AFCOM chapter and serving on the board of AFCOM’s Data Center Institute. Read More

Q&A: Winn Schwartau on Building A Better Internet

Winn Schwartau thinks the Internet’s core protocols should be rewritten from scratch. And he worries that solar storms could send our wired world “back to the stone age.” Schwartau, the keynote speaker at Data Center World Fall 2012, shares his take on the state of Internet security in a Q&A, Read More

Emerson Updates Energy Logic Roadmap

It’s been four years since Emerson Network Power launched is Energy Logic, its roadmap outlining a holistic approach to reducing energy use in the data center. Much has changed in that time, so today Emerson is updating its recommendations with the release of Energy Logic 2.0, which incorporates advances in technology and best practices. Read More

openDCIM Offers Open Source Option for DCIM

The openDCIM project offers an open source alternative for companies seeking to improve their asset tracking and capacity planning. The project is the brainchild of Scott Milliken of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, who will share details about openDCIM at Data Center World Fall 2012. Read More

OmniCube: Will the Data Center Be Assimilated?

SimpliVity Corporation came out of stealth mode today with the launch of OmniCube, a data center appliance promising “the world’s first assimilated IT infrastructure.” Its mission: to automate the management of storage, computing, and networking resources in VMware virtual environments. Read More

Decrease Your Costs By Improving DCIM

Through maintaining maximum data center availability, data center operators can avoid the significant costs associated with dysfunction and outages. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software is rolling in to many data center stratgies, allowing operations managers to identify, locate, and manage all physical data center assets, as well as manage capacity and streamline moves, adds and changes. Read More