Green Data Centers

ASHRAE to Google & Company: It’s All Cool

A day after leading data center builders criticized proposed changes to guidelines on data center cooling, ASHRAE said the proposed changes would not force data center builders to use fresh air cooling, but leave room for alternative approaches. Read More

Carbon Regs Seen Boosting Outsourcing

Will carbon regulation drive companies to relocate their data center operations to third-party providers in colocation and hosting centers? Or even move them offshore? Both options are getting scrutiny following the April 1 onset of the UK’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). Read More

Google, Microsoft Respond to Greenpeace

Google and Microsoft respond to a Greenpeace report asserting that cloud computing will contribute to climate change. Their response: the Internet is mighty green, and our data centers are getting greener all the time. Read More

PUE Goes Global

The Green Grid today is announcing that leading data center consortiums in the U.S., Europe and Japan have agreed to make Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) “the industry’s preferred energy efficiency metric.”
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The SEC and Your Data Center

In January the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruled that public companies must disclose to investors the risks they face related to climate change. What does that mean for the data center? Read More

Greenpeace: Cloud Contributes to Climate Change

This chart from greenpeace looks at the power sourcing for major data center projects.

In a report today on the carbon impact of cloud computing, Greenpeace called on data center operators to power their data centers using renewable energy and use their business clout to pressure utilities and Congress to make renewable energy more readily available. Read More

Datapipe Taps Wind Power for NJ Site

Managed hosting provider Datapipe said today that it will offset the carbon impact of its data center in Somerset, New Jersey by purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) based on wind power. Read More

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