Green Data Centers

Inside IBM’s Green Data Center Testbed


Our photo tour of the new IBM green data center at Syracuse University provides a detailed look at the technologies and equipment powering the facility, which generates its own power and reuses waste heat from the data center in nearby buildings. Read More

A Tale of Two Data Center Industries?

Why are so many companies still not monitoring their data centers and using one of the emerging metrics to track their progress? Christian Belady of Microsoft examines the “Polarization of the Data Center Industry.”
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Red Sky: Supercomputing and Efficiency Meet

Tne Red Sky supercomputer at Sandia National Labs is in the top 10 supercomputers in the world, but is also notable for its energy efficiency, including a claimed PUE of 1.035. The system usesd rear cooling doors from Sun and Emerson that eliminate the need for server fans. Read More

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