Green Data Centers

Google Expands in North Carolina, Will Boost Renewables


Google today announced a major expansion of its data center campus in North Carolina, saying it will spend $600 million to build new server farms. The search giant also said it will use its purchasing power to jump-start a renewable energy program for Duke Energy, the utility that provides electricity to the Lenoir facility. Read More

Dark Fiber Challenges Derail Project in Upstate NY

An aerial view of the Yahoo data center in Lockport, N.Y.

Why aren’t more companies building data centers in a seemingly ideal location in Upstate New York? Local officials in Lockport, N.Y. say a data center company that spent two years evaluating a site near Yahoo has backed out die to a lack of dark fiber at the site. Read More

The Green Grid’s New Metric Tackles IT Recycling

Improved energy efficiency practices could cut server room energy waste by at least 40 percent, saving businesses and organizations over $3 billion annually, says NRDC.

The Green Grid continues to broaden its scope. The industry group is proposing an electronics disposal metric for commercial end-users of IT equipment, and believes that its new Electronics Disposal Efficiency (EDE) metric will boost recycling and influence change on a global scale. Read More

Telus Warms Condos With Heat From Its Servers


One of the latest design trends is using waste heat from a data center hot aisle in a district heating system for an office building. Canada’s Telus Corp. provides the latest example of this, tapping waste heat from its data center in Vancouver to power heating and cooling systems of its adjacent $750 million Telus Garden development. Read More

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