Internet Traffic Surges on Bin Laden News

Internet traffic in North America spiked sharply Sunday night as users tracked news that the U.S. military had found and killed Al Qaeda leader Osma bin Laden, but fell short of record traffic levels due to the timing of the announcement. Read More

Amazon: Networking Error Caused Cloud Outage

Last week’s lengthy outage for the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform was caused by a network configuration error as Amazon was attempting to upgrade capacity on its network. Amazon today published a an incident report in which it discussed the outage, apologized to customers and outlined plans to make its platform more resilient. Read More

Keynote: Internet Held Up Well After Japan Quake

Web monitoring firm Keynote Systems (KEYN) says Internet access in Japan remained good in the hours following Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. Keynote’s monitoring Friday afternoon found few major problems, although some leading Japanese sites struggled to stay up and available. Read More

Data Center Theft KOs Vodafone Network

Hundreds of thousands of UK customers of Vodafone lost service this morning after switch equipment was stolen from one of the providers’ data centers. Although data center thefts are unusual, there have been similar incidents in recent years. Read More

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