Data Center Theft KOs Vodafone Network

Hundreds of thousands of UK customers of Vodafone lost service this morning after switch equipment was stolen from one of the providers’ data centers. Although data center thefts are unusual, there have been similar incidents in recent years. Read More

New Zealand Earthquake Hobbles Telco System

A major earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand has caused widespread damage and at least 65 deaths. Much of the city is without power, and telecom companies are urging residents to use SMS text messages instead of mobile phone calls to preserve limited battery capacity. Read More

Was Egypt’s ‘Kill Switch’ the Big Red Button?

Did a common data center safety feature play a role in the Mubarak government’s move to cut off Egypt’s access to the Internet? Recent reports suggest that equipment at a key Internet exchange in Cairo may have been powered down by “throwing a breaker.” Read More

IBM’s Watson Delivers, but His Web Site Doesn’t

The IBM Watson supercomputer seems to be able to beat the best humans in Jeopardy. But his web site isn’t faring nearly as well. The web site hosting IBM’s post-match commentary blog,, was experiencing availability problems Tuesday evening. Read More

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