Windows Azure Cloud Hit By Downtime

Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud service has been hit with a series of performance problems today, leaving customers unable to manage their applications for about 8 hours and knocking Azure-based services offline for some North American users. Read More

Anticipating The Perfect Storm of Impossible Events

Jesse Robbins of Opscode says that resiliency is a function of culture, as well as engineering. “You cannot learn the lessons of failure without experiencing it,” said Robbins. That’s can be difficult message for IT operations team that view downtime as an enemy to be avoided at all costs. Read More

Equinix Outage Means Downtime for Zoho

A power outage Friday morning in an Equinix data center in California caused downtime for a number of customers, most notably Zoho, which experienced hours of downtime for several of its web-based office applications. Read More

Strong Online Retail Lead-In for Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday, and all the trends suggest solid growth in online retail activity over the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday. Here’s our roundup of holiday retail data, featuring data on e-commerce activity seen by Akamai, IBM and Paypal. Read More

Minimize Downtime with Proper Management

In “Strategies for Minimizing Downtime by Managing Change,” Sungard makes a case that the best disaster recovery plans are often well conceived but poorly nurtured. The reason is a lack of resources. This whitepaper uses statistical data from a Forrester research study to prove the point that only a small percentage of organizations adhere to the proper standard of annual testing and continual updates of their disaster recovery strategy. Read More

RightScale: Cloud Bursting Tames Traffic Spikes

Recent cloud outages have piqued the public interest. What’s the solution? Hybrid clouds and cloud bursting can prevent downtime. “There is a lot of interest in hybrid clouds,” said Mike Crandell, CEO of Santa Barbara, Calif.-based RightScale. Read More

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