The Week in WikiLeaks

Internet infrastructure has made headlines during the controversies surrounding the Wikileaks web site and subsequent DDoS attacks attributed to Anonymous. Here’s a roundup of some of the best analysis from around the web. Read More

Tumblr Back After A Day Offline

The microblogging service Tumblr came back online late Monday after approximately 24 hours of downtime. The problems started during a scheduled maintenance window, in which a database cluster failed. Read More

Technical Details of Facebook Outage

Facebook was offline for more than two hours today after a configuration change created a feedback loop that overwhelmed a database cluster. The only way to fix the problem was to take the web site offline. Read More

Digg Downtime Debacle Debated

No, thius isn't Digg's new home page. Not most of the time, anyway.

Does the downtime at social media hub Digg reflect challenges in deploying NoSQL databases like Cassandra? Or is it simply a case of a company launching a new site architecture before it was ready for prime time? Read More

Additional Downtime Articles