Data Center Fire Disrupts Key Services in Calgary


The city of Calgary is recovering from the impact of a data center fire that crippled city services and delayed hundreds of surgeries at local hospitals. The explosion and fire last Wednesday in a Shaw Communications facility knocked out both the primary and backup systems. Read More

Power Outage Hits London Data Center

Customers of a Level 3 data center in London were knocked offline last by a UPS failure. The downtime knocked dozens of companies offline, according to The Register, which has details from the incident report. Read More

Major Outage for (CRM) is experiencing a significant outage today, leaving many customers unable to access the company’s services. The disruption began just before 1 a.m. Pacific time, and has been gradually restoring service throughout the day. Read More

Surviving Electric Squirrels and UPS Failures


Folks who’ve worked in the data center industry for a while tend to have their squirrel stories. Mike Christian, who runs business continuity for Yahoo, shared his recently during a keynote at the recent O’Reilly Velocity conference in a presentation titled “Frying Squirrels and Unspun Gyros,” which examined the many ways that data centers can fail. Read More

Leap Second Bug Snarls Air Travel in Australia


Computer problems with the Amadeus reservation system caused long lines and traveler delays at airports across Australia this weekend. The outage appears to be related to the “Leap Second Bug,” as the addition of a single second to the world’s atomic clocks caused problems with IT systems. Read More

Amazon Data Center Loses Power During Storm

Lightning has figured in several data center power incidents. But there are steps you can take to prepare (Source: NOAA).

An Amazon Web Services data center in northern Virginia lost power Friday night, causing extended downtime for services includng Netflix, Heroku, Pinterest and many others. The incident occurred as a powerful electrical storm struck the Washington, D.C. area. Read More

More Problems for Amazon EC2 Cloud

It was a stormy week in the cloud, as an outage at Amazon Web Services affected some customers and sparked discussion about resiliency strategies. (Photo by BCP via Flickr.

Amazon Web Services is reporting more service problems this morning for some customers of its EC2 cloud computing service. Amazon has reported connectivity issues in its US-East-1 availability zone, the same zone which was hit by an outage earlier this month. Read More

Generator Fan Failure Triggered AWS Outage


Last week’s outage at Amazon Web Services was triggered by a series of failures in the power infrastructure in a northern Virginia data center, including the failure of a generator cooling fan while the facility was on emergency power. Read More

Power Outage Affects Amazon Customers

A slide of a data center from a presentation at the Amazon Technology Open House.

A power outage at an Amazon Web Services data center in northern Virginia last night knocked some customers offline. Among the sites affected were Heroku, Pinterest, Quora and HootSuite, along with a host of smaller sites. Read More

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