Power Outage Knocks DreamHost Customers Offline

Web hosting provider DreamHost experienced an extended outages when power systems failed at its data center in Irvine, Calif. The incident created hours of downtime across Tuesday and Wednesday for many of DreamHost’s more than 350,000 customers. Read More

Heat Spike in Data Center Caused Hotmail Outage


The Hotmail servers got entirely too hot Tuesday, causing a major outage for Microsoft’s web-based email services. Both Hotmail and were offline for up to 16 hours after a failed software update caused the heat to spike in one part of a data center supporting those services. Read More

GitHub: Outage Caused by Failover Snafu

The open source code repository GitHub experienced an extended outage last Saturday, which the site now attributes to failover sequences that triggered high levels of activity for network switches and file servers. Read More

The Year in Downtime: Top 10 Outages of 2012


The major downtime incidents of 2012 illustrate the range of causes of outages – major disasters, equipment failures, software behaving badly, undetected Leap Year date issues, and human error. Each incident caused some pain for customers and end users, but also offered the opportunity to learn lessons that will make data centers and applications more reliable. Read More

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