DNS Issues Cause Downtime for Major Sites

Many major sites experienced downtime Wednesday night due to problems with DNS services. The issues, which affected, Amazon Web Services and Wal-Mart were tied to reports of an electronic attack on UltraDNS.

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Blackberry Network Recovering After Major Outage

A major national network outage at Research in Motion (RIMM) left millions of Blackberry users without access to e-mail for at least eight hours, apparently due to “emergency maintenance” on the Blackberry network. The outage highlight’s RIM’s ongoing effort to add data centers to expand its network capacity and redundancy. Read More

Network Issue Cited in Rackspace Outage

Rackspace says a network peering problem caused a lengthy outage this afternoon that affected many sites using its Cloud Sites cloud computing service. The outage affected sites at the company’s Dallas data center, but Rackspace said the peering issue originated outside its facility. Read More

Major Data Center Outages of 2009

It’s hard to say whether data center outages were more frequent in 2009 than in the past. But they were certainly more visible, as round-the-clock consumption of blogs and social networks made downtime harder to hide. Here’s a look at 10 major data center outages of 2009 Read More

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