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Smart Move: Five Steps to a Successful Data Center Relocation

One of the most important parts of conducting a data center relocation is the planning and design of the move. In “Smart Move: Five Steps to a Successful Data Center Relocation” we are able to better understand the intricate planning process that goes into a successful migration and where some plans may fall short. The idea here is to help reduce risk and ensure that the chosen environment is capable of scaling to future business need. Read More

Open Rack Design Guide is Released

Open Rack Design

The Open Compute Project has released a design guide for Open Rack, its open source hardware project that seeks to establish a new standard for rack design for hyperscale data center environments. Read More

AOL Brings Micro Data Center Indoors, Adds Wheels


AOL has introduced an indoor version of its Micro Data Center, complete with casters that allow the rack-size unit to be rolled to its destination. The design is an adaptation of AOL’s original Micro-DC, announced lastmonth, which allows the company to house servers in enclosures located outdoors. Read More

CyrusOne Goes V-Shaped With Roof in Phoenix


The need to store rainwater is driving an unusual roof design for the new CyrusOne data center project in Chandler, Arizona. The huge roof for the facility will have a V shape, with high sides tapering down to a channel down the middle. Read More

AOL Gets Small With Outdoor Micro Data Centers


AOL this week unveiled a prototype of a micro data center. The rack-sized enclosure, which will live outdoors, is the first step in AOL’s ambitious plan to reshape its infrastructure using small, unmanned IT facilities that can be managed remotely. Read More

Still No Sign of Data Ships on the Horizon


Over the years we’ve highlighted a number of unusual approaches to data center design. Some of these offbeat strategies have developed into real-world technology. But floating data centers are not among them, and there’s no sign that will change anytime soon. Read More

Video Demo: Facebook’s Open Rack Revealed

Open Rack Design

In this video, Matt Corddry, Manager, Hardware Design, Facebook, demonstrates new features and tweaks to Facebook’s rack design for the Open Rack standard. Open Rack provides a 21-inch wide slot for servers and storage, expanding upon the 19-inch width that has long been the standard for data center hardware. Read More

Video: Facebook’s New Windmill Server Design

Facebook Windmill Server

Data Center Knowledge recently had a look at Facebook’s updated “Windmill” server design, which is now taller (2 rack units) and narrower to allow more motherboards to fit on a single equipment tray. In this video, Facebook’s Matt Corddry provides an overview of the Windmill server’s features and describes how the design has evolved. Read More

Video: Facebook’s Storage Design Prototype

Facebook Knox Storage

Storage has been the missing link in Facebook’s custom hardware designs. But no longer. This video provides a hands-on overview of Facebook’s custom storage hardware, known as Knox, which is designed for easy maintenance and disk replacement. Read More

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