Data Center Design

The Data-Crunching Powerhouse Behind ‘Avatar’

A look at some of the high-density serer and netwokring gear inside the Wwta Digital data center used to render the animation for the new James Cameron movie "Avatar."

It takes a lot of rendering horsepower to create the stunning visual effects behind blockbuster movies like James Cameron’s new Avatar. Here’s a look at the high-density data center in New Zealand where Weta Digital brings the mythical worlds of Middle Earth and Pandora to life. Read More

Wild New Design: Data Center in A Silo


The CLUMEQ supercomputing center in Quebec has transformed a 65-foot tall cement silo into a data center. Rings of cabinets within the silo (which previously housed a Van de Graaf particle accelerator) are cooled via an exterior cold air plenum, with a “hot core” in the center of the silo. Read More

The Briefcase Server: Maybe Too Portable?

Here’s a look at the “data center in a briefcase,” a personal project in which Jimmy Pike, the director of system architecture at Dell’s Data Center Solutions, built two servers and some solid state storage drives into a briefcase. Read More

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