Data Center Design

Will Open Compute Alter the Data Center Market?


Are the designs advanced by the Open Compute Project only useful for building huge single-tenant data centers like Facebook’s new Oregon facility? Or will they eventually make their way into facilities offering colocation and turn-key “wholesale” data center space? Read More

Roundup: Is Open Compute A Game-Changer?

Some of the "triplet" racks featured by the Open Compute Project.

Will the new Open Compute Project be disruptive to the way the data center industry operates, and to the vendor ecosystem that supports it? Here’s a roundup of notable commentary and analysis from around the Web. Read More

The Building as an Air Handler

A data center building design for a UK project demonstrating airflow optimization.

We’ve recently seen a number of two-story data centers design the entire structure to optimize airflow to take advantage of free cooling. Researcher James Hamilton of Amazon highlights another example in a new UK project. Read More

Shared Infrastructure Benefits the Data Center

In a recent survey of the Data Center Knowledge audience we learned that 64% of you are planning to expand your current data center or build a new data center. That is why you will want to read this white paper from Dell on Shared Infrastructure: Scale-Out Advantages and Effects on TCO and learn how systems like these have the potential to greatly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for large data center deployments. Read More

Making Data Center Design More People-Friendly


Data centers are different from houses and offices – they are designed for servers, not people. This has often meant trade offs for data center staffers. But some data center developers are rethinking the “machines first” approach and designing data centers to be more comfortable environments for staff and visitors. Read More

Microsoft Starts Building Iowa Data Center


Microsoft is ready to move ahead with its delayed $200 million data center project in West Des Moines, Iowa. The project was first announced back in the summer of 2008 but halted when Microsoft trimmed capital spending. Read More

Perspectives on Data Center Design: 2010

Our Industry Perspectives section featured a variety of columns on data center design in 2010. Topics ranged from build-your-own to outsourcing, how to know if you need a data center transformation, and guidelines for implementing that transformation. Read More

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