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Yahoo: Facebook Treading On Our Server Patents

The finished server

Yahoo has asserted that Facebook’s data center and server technology may infringe upon patents owned by Yahoo and companies it has acquired. Yahoo’s claims cover technology included in the Open Compute Project, the open source initiative that has published details of many of Facebook’s server and data center designs. Read More

Executive Q&A: Kevin Timmons of CyrusOne

Kevin Timmons has been involved in creating some of the world’s most efficient data centers. We caught up with Timmons for a Q&A about CyrusOne’s Phoenix data center project and the recent peer review session convened to brainstorm design concepts. Read More

Inside Go Daddy’s Phoenix Data Center

The global infrastructure for domain registrar Go Daddy is anchored by a 320,000 square foot data center in Phoenix. We recently had a tour of the huge facility, the lynchpin of an internet infrastructure that supports 5 million web sites. Here’s a look Inside Go Daddy’s Data Center. Read More

The Long Term Costs of Capacity Loss

The cost of under-utilizing the potential of a data center facility can be massive, increasing the price of each provided kW of processing power by up to 100%. Many of today’s data center management strategies risk encouraging short-term management over long term gain.
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Low-Orbit Servers? Or A Pirate Prank?

The controversial BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay posted an odd announcement last night stating that it had decided to deploy servers using aerial “drones” in the upper atmosphere. Prank or outside-the-box ambition? Read More

Data Center Pulse IDs Top 10 Industry Challenges


Can IT and facilities work together to make data centers more effective? Will modular designs and renewable energy gain a greater foothold? Those are among the key challenges facing the industry, according to Data Center Pulse, which has released its annual “Top 10″ list of priorities for data center users. Read More

eBay Containers Push Frontiers of Efficiency

A crane lifting a data center container onto the roof of the eBay Project Mercury data center in Phoenix, completed in 2012. (Photo: eBay)

eBay’s new containerized data center in Phoenix is one of the most efficient data centers ever built, recording exceptional performance on industry metrics while operating in temperatures as high as 115 degrees F, according to a report released today. Read More

Web-Scale Data Center Design Comes to Silicon Valley


In its new V2 facility, Vantage Data Centers has taken data center design concepts pioneered by “Internet scale” data centers in remote locations, and implemented them in the heart of Silicon Valley. The result is a data center that matches the energy efficiency of Google’s faciliities and implements key design components of Facebook’s Open Compute Project. Read More

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