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AOL: 60,000 Servers, Retooling for the Future


AOL runs about 60,000 servers, Manos said, which are spread across five primary data centers in North America and Europe. “We’re talking about dramatically reforming what was one of the world’s largest Internet companies,” said Manos Read More

In Sweden, Cool Design Meets Cool Climate


As Sweden celebrates the recent announcement that a new Facebook data center will be built in Lulea, one of the country’s data center visionaries was outlining an alternative vision in which Sweden’s cool climate embraces cool modular design. Read More

Facebook Cuts Back on Generators in Sweden


Facebook is reducing the number of backup generators by 70 percent at its new data center in Sweden, saying the extraordinary reliability of the regional power grid serving the town of Lulea allows it to rely upon redundant power feeds. Read More

The Cube: OVH’s New Data Center Design


The large, Borg-style cube-shaped building in France is the new data center for hosting company OVH, which plans to assimilate more than 35,000 servers into its new facility. The new design its part of OVH’s custom server and data center infrastructure. Read More

Pair Plans ‘Grid Zero’ Data Center in Las Vegas

An illustration of the future pair Networks data center that is under construction in Las Vegas.

Can a low-key web hosting company from Pittsburgh build one of the world’s most efficient data centers in the desert? pair Networks recently broke ground on a data center project in Las Vegas that will be powered entirely by a combination of an on-site cogeneration plant and a rooftop array of solar panels, using the utility grid only for backup. Read More

Tornado Risk Seen for Social Security Project

The recent outbreak of powerful and deadly tornadoes across the United States raises a question: Should data centers be engineered to survive stronger wind storms? Curiously, the Social Security Administration has moved in the other direction. Read More

Cisco Opens Doors on New Texas Data Center


Cisco Systems (CSCO) officially opened the doors at its new data center in Allen, Texas, which showcases a number of energy efficiency features and is outfitted with Cisco’s latest technologies for building unified infrastructures for cloud computing applications. Read More

Will Open Compute Alter the Data Center Market?


Are the designs advanced by the Open Compute Project only useful for building huge single-tenant data centers like Facebook’s new Oregon facility? Or will they eventually make their way into facilities offering colocation and turn-key “wholesale” data center space? Read More

Roundup: Is Open Compute A Game-Changer?

Some of the "triplet" racks featured by the Open Compute Project.

Will the new Open Compute Project be disruptive to the way the data center industry operates, and to the vendor ecosystem that supports it? Here’s a roundup of notable commentary and analysis from around the Web. Read More

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