Data Center Design

The 'Have It Your Way' Data Center

With its new Chicago data center project, developer Ascent Corp. has adopted a flexible approach designed to accommodate a variety of customer requirements within a single multi-tenant facility. Read More

HP Sharpens Focus on Data Center Design

The barn is dead. Partitioning a huge data center into smaller spaces – whether you call them pods, zones, suites or modules – has become an important practice for creating flexible and cost-effective data centers. This trend is part of a broader shift towards data center “industrialization” – the use… Read More

A Real Data Center Silo

A new Compute Canada data center in Quebec is being built inside a renovated van de Graaf silo, and features an innovative cylindrical layout. Read More

The Planet Isolates Its Air Flow

The Planet provides a detailed look at the new design for phase 3 its Dallas D6 data center, which isolates the hot and cold air using containment and a hot air return plenum. Read More

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