Data Center Design

HP Sharpens Focus on Data Center Design

The barn is dead. Partitioning a huge data center into smaller spaces – whether you call them pods, zones, suites or modules – has become an important practice for creating flexible and cost-effective data centers. This trend is part of a broader shift towards data center “industrialization” – the use… Read More

A Real Data Center Silo


A new Compute Canada data center in Quebec is being built inside a renovated van de Graaf silo, and features an innovative cylindrical layout. Read More

The Planet Isolates Its Air Flow

The Planet is using chimney-style containment on racks in its new facility.

The Planet provides a detailed look at the new design for phase 3 its Dallas D6 data center, which isolates the hot and cold air using containment and a hot air return plenum. Read More

What Color is Your Cabinet?

Is white the new black in the data center? Cisco is using white cabinets in its new Richardson, Texas data center, saying the added reflectivity will help cut lighting costs. Read More

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