Phase Change Cooling for Service Providers

This white paper examines an approach to data center cooling known as “phase change” or “two-phase” low-pressure pumped refrigerant cooling. It details the advantages of this approach over traditional computer room air conditioning (CRAC) methods, and it identifies the specific benefits — from lower OPEX and reduced energy requirements to optimized utilization of data center space — that service providers can realize. Read More

Oracle and the Dawn of Containment

Inside an Oracle data center in Austin, Texas.

Oracle has been honored by ASHRAE for design innovations in its Austin data center, which pioneered approaches to hot air containment and variable speed airflow that are now common in major data centers. Read More

Iceotope: A New Take on Liquid Cooling

Two UK companies are introducing a new cooling product that immerses servers in liquid coolant, an approach they claim can dramatically reduce data center energy costs – if IT managers can get comfortable with the idea of liquids in their data center. Read More

Speeding Up Those Chiller Restarts

Chiller vendors and data center operators are working together to speed up chiller restarts after a power outage, as seen in a recent collaboration between Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) and RagingWire. Read More

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