Emerson Brings Cooling to the Server Tray

Emerson Network Power introduced a new cooling system that brings refrigerant-based cooling inside the server tray. The Liebert XDS server cooling system features cold-plate technology from Emerson’s technology partner, Clustered Systems. Read More

Chill Off 2: Detailed Data on Cooling Choices

The final report from the Chill Off 2 will likely serve as a valuable resource for data center operators exploring the most efficient way to cool their servers. The project evaluated 11 cooling technologies from eight vendors to determine which were the most efficient. Read More

Servers Slow Down as Data Center Heats Up

Some of the racks space inside the Purdue Universioty data center in West Lafayetter, Illinois. Purdue staff have developed a program to put server clusters into power-saving mode during cooling failures.

Purdue University has developed software that can slow server activity as temperature rises, and has used this technique to keep the school’s supercomputing data center operating throughout several cooling failures this summer. Read More

Airflow Utilization Efficiency (AUE)

This paper will provides a detailed understanding of the capabilities and science of raised floor cooling, provide methods for testing tiles and provide a total cost of ownership example. One topic of particular interest is the concept of how to use “River Cooling” to reduce energy costs while improving server performance. Read More

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