The Cost of Data Center Cooling

Data center cooling is a constant issue in both initial design and evolution. But a greater issue is the expense in dealing with the challenge. Beyond the cost of buying, installing and power the CRACs (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units is the very real expense of consulting. Read More

Most Users Resist Warmer Data Centers

Zahl Limbuwala of BCS discusses temperature ranges for data center operations during the Google European Data CenterEfficiency Summit held in Zurich on Tuesday.

Since 2008, the largest players in the data center field have been advocating operating server rooms at warmer temperatures. But few enterprise data centers are following suit, according to data from an industry group. Read More

Geist, Opengate Data Announce Alliance

Power distribution vendor Geist has made a financial investment in Opengate Data Systems, which specializes in cooling technology and enclosures. As part of the agreement, Geist will begin offering Opengate’s line of data center airflow management solutions. Read More

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