Study: Server Failures Don’t Rise Along With the Heat

Servers don’t sweat the heat as much as you might think. That’s the takeaway from a new study from researchers at the University of Toronto, who studied data on equipment failures at data centers operated by Google, Los Alamos National Labs, and Canada’s SciNet HPC consortium. Read More

How Much Containment Is Enough?

There is no one answer to optimum degree of containment because architectural environments, business objectives, deployment constraints and cost-benefit curves all weigh on the decision. In opting for aisle containment, data center operators can realize very quick returns on the investment. Read More

Google Embraces Thermal Storage in Taiwan

The 8 million gallon tank providing thermal energy storage for McCormick Place and a nearby Digital Realty Trust data center building (seen in background).

Google said today that it would use a thermal storage system for the first time in its new data center in Taiwan. Thermal energy storage can reduce costs by allowing companies to run air conditioning systems at night, when power rates are cheaper. Read More

Too Hot for Humans, But Google Servers Keep Humming

The Google data center in Belgium, which features no chillers and routes traffic to other facilities during hot spells. (Photo from Google)

Raising the temperature in server racks can make a data center more efficient. But what happens if the room gets too hot for people? If you’re Google, the servers keep humming along while the humans retreat to climate-controlled sections of the building. Read More

Eaton to Offer STULZ Cooling Products

Eaton Corporation will expand its data center product portfolio by offering its customers cooling equipment from STULZ Air Technology Systems, the companies said this week at the AFCOM Data Center World Conference in Las Vegas. Read More

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