3M Demos New Immersion Cooling Technique


3M has developed a data center cooling concept called “open bath immersion cooling,” which it says is simpler and less expensive to implement than other pumped liquid cooling techniques. The system is an example of passive two-phase cooling, which uses a boiling liquid to remove heat from a surface. We’ve got a video demo from Data Center World. Read More

Intel Embraces Submerging Servers in Oil


Intel is optimizing its technology for servers immersed in oil, an approach that may soon see broader adoption in the high performance computing (HPC) sector. The chipmaker has just completed a year-long trial using technology from Green Revolution Cooling. Read More

Panduit Acquires Unite Technologies

Panduit Corp. said today that it has acquired Unite Technologies Ltd. to expand its capabilities for energy management and environmental monitoring solutions for the enterprise and data center. Read More

Facebook Revises its Data Center Cooling System

One of the huge chambers inside the "penthouse" cooling system used by Facebook in its  Oregon data center. Facebook has updated some elements of the system in its newest data centers. (Photo credit: Alan Brandt)

Facebook is updating its data center cooling system, swapping media in place of misters. The changes to the social network’s multi-room “penthouse” cooling were based on lessons learned during the first year of operating its data center in Prineville, Oregon. Read More

Study: Server Failures Don’t Rise Along With the Heat

Servers don’t sweat the heat as much as you might think. That’s the takeaway from a new study from researchers at the University of Toronto, who studied data on equipment failures at data centers operated by Google, Los Alamos National Labs, and Canada’s SciNet HPC consortium. Read More

How Much Containment Is Enough?

There is no one answer to optimum degree of containment because architectural environments, business objectives, deployment constraints and cost-benefit curves all weigh on the decision. In opting for aisle containment, data center operators can realize very quick returns on the investment. Read More

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