Reclaim Wasted Cooling Capacity

The modern data center is built around efficiencies. Whether its power, cooling, or space – the administrator must utilize the resources with the utmost care. More organizations are demanding the increase of density within their server infrastructure. This results in greater demands for cooling and space. Although the space is many time available, the cooling capacity may not be.
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The Green Grid Backs Warmer Data Centers


In a white paper released this week, The Green Grid makes the case that servers are indeed tougher than widely believed, and counsels data center operators to consider raising temperatures and humidity just a little more to save on cooling. Read More

Ten Cooling Solutions to Support High-Density Servers

Serious Server Density: Packed racks of servers in an IT-PAC at the new Microsoft data center in Quincy, Washington (Photo: Microsoft Corp.)

As the need for high-density servers continues to grow, administrators are going to be tasked with creating a more cooling-ready data center design. . The guidelines in this white paper will help you maintain efficient business processes and support a scaleable cooling architecture that can be implemented to address high density cooling applications.
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How Google Cools Its Armada of Servers


One of Google’s best-kept secrets has been the details of its cooling system, which allows Google to pack tens of thousands of servers into racks. Google’s Joe Kava discusses the design of its cooling system, where all the magic is focused on the hot aisle. Read More

Halting Airflow Leaks in Data Centers with Aisle Containment

More organizations are relying on their IT infrastructure to accomplish more. This has created a need for larger data center environments which are capable of handling both current and future demands. IT administrators are tasked with migrating to, and managing these environments. The challenge now isn’t only planning for growth; a lot is now being spent on keeping the current environment running efficiently. Read More

3M Demos New Immersion Cooling Technique


3M has developed a data center cooling concept called “open bath immersion cooling,” which it says is simpler and less expensive to implement than other pumped liquid cooling techniques. The system is an example of passive two-phase cooling, which uses a boiling liquid to remove heat from a surface. We’ve got a video demo from Data Center World. Read More

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