Modular Data Centers

Dell Modular Data Center Powering Bing Maps


Dell and Microsoft have developed a modular data center to server as a dedicated imagery processing site for Bing Maps, located on the grounds of a Microsoft facility in Boulder, Colorado. The module uses fresh air and evaporative cooling to deliver an unusually low Power Usage Effectiveness, Dell said. Read More

HP Unveils Updated EcoPOD Modular Design

A look inside one of HP's latest designs for its Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD). Airbus just deployed two PODs for a supercomputing cluster in Europe.

HP has unveiled an updated version of its modular Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD), expanding its capacity with a “double-wide” design that joins two 40-foot containers. The new EcoPOD can use outside air to cool up to 44 racks of servers. Read More

Colt Sells Modular Data Center To Phoenix IT

European data center provider Colt announced that it has signed a 10-year agreement with Phoenix, a specialist IT services company. The deal is evidence of growing interest in modular data center deployments by service providers. Read More

Will the Banking Industry Go Modular?


Some of the nation’s largest financial institutions are taking a close look at modular data centers, and Gartner is now recommending that enterprise users evaluate modular designs when expanding their It operations. Read More

Colt Adds Flexibility to Its Modular Designs

An illustration of one of the new Colt modular data center designs, which offer additional configuration options.

Modular data center designs continue to evolve. UK telecom and managed hosting provider Colt has introduced a refined version of its modular data center that offers more than 120 configuration options for size, power densities and reliability tiers. Read More

Cisco Rolls Out Its Data Center Containers


Citing growing interest in modular designs, Cisco Systems is making a major push into the market for data center containers. After months of quietly selling custom solutions, the networking giant today launched the Cisco Containerized Data Center. Read More

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