Modular Data Centers

The Modular Data Center Conundrum

The term “modular” is so frequently used in today’s data center industry that it can often be confusing for customers to decipher which application best suits their needs. These solutions, no matter how tenuously their relationship to modularity, are the products of organizations’ growing need to add data center capacity. This means that customers must frequently accept solutions that only partially address their requirements. Read More

Closer Look: Modular Data Center Park in Denmark

In this video, AST Modular Chief Executive Officer Henry Daunert provides a detailed walk-through of a data center container park in two locations in Denmark, whch used 21 containers to provide power, coooling, generators and compute capacity for a financial customer. Read More

Video: Shipping A Data Center 1,000 Miles

What’s involved in moving a 5,000 square foot data center nearly 1,000 miles across the ocean? This video documents how Colt shipped a 5,000 square foot data center from northern England to Reykjavik, Iceland for its customer, Verne Global. Read More

Skanska USA Goes Modular, Eyes Colo Market


Construction firm Skanska USA is deploying a new modular data center design that can deliver highly-efficient IT capacity in about four months. Skanska will use its modular design to build data centers for customers, and also as the nucleus for an ambitious plan for build a series of colocation facilities. Read More

NxGen Making Waves in the Modular Market


When you think of cloud builders, NxGen Modular probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind. The company may not be a household name, but it’s busy building the data centers that will power two of the world’s largest cloud computing operations. Read More

Q&A: Jeff Monroe, CEO of Verne Global

Datacenter modulaesare stored in the Verne Global data center in Iceland, awaiting assembly into a finished data hall. (Photo: Colt)

Verne Global recently opened the doors on its new “modular colo” data center in Keflavik, Iceland, which is powered entirely by renewable energy. We recently had an email question-and-answer with Verne CEO Jeff Monroe about the process of bringing this facility into production. Read More

The State of the Modular Data Center


What’s the state of the modular market? Five years after the debut of the Blackbox, we look at who is using modular data centers, the potential market, and what the analysts foresee for the future of modular design. Read More

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