Modular Data Centers

Visualizing the Modular Design Difference

Diversified Agency Services (DAS) recently began a major consolidation of the IT infrastructure supporting more than 100 agencies within the Omnicom family of companies. DAS has created a series of videos documenting its process including one that takes viewers inside the IO Phoenix facility, and illustrates the visual differences between traditional and modular designs. Read More

Michigan Unveils First HP EcoPOD Modular Unit


HP announced its new EcoPOD modular data center last June. But there haven’t been any public sightings of the new product “in the wild” and installed as a working data center. Until today, when the University of Michigan will unveil its new EcoPod as part of its effort to expandhigh performance computing (HPC) projects. Read More

OVH Deploys “Container Cube” Data Center


French hosting firm OVH has opened a new data center in Strasbourg, France that recreates many elements of its innovative “cube” design using stacks of shipping containers housing servers. The facility features 12 containers, which are stacked three-high in two rows.  Read More

Closer Look: Schneider Electric Modules


As part of the Uptime Institute’s “Modular Campus,” Schneider Electric brought a 50,000-pound pre-manufactured power facility module to Santa Clara Convention Center for event attendees to see and experience the modular unit. Video walk-through of the power module. Read More

Modular Monday: Closer Look at 4 Offerings


The Data Center Knowledge staff conducted video overviews and walk-throughs of each of the four pre-fabricated modular data centers on display at The Uptime Symposium last week, including products from Active Power, IO, Digital Realty and Schneider Electric. Read More

Uptime: Modular Design Offers CapEx Savings

John Stanley

Are modular data centers cheaper to deploy than traditional raised-floor data center space? Usually. But it’s complicated. That’s the verdict from 451 Research which studies the economics of modular designs and detailed its findings this week at the Uptime Symposium. Read More

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