Modular Data Centers

World Bank Unit Invests in Modular Infrastructure

Factory-built data centers are gaining traction as a tool for bringing IT operations to emerging markets. A unit of the World Bank said today that it will invest in Flexenclosure, a provider of modular data centers, in hopes of accelerating wireless phone access in parts of Asia and Africa. Read More

Uptime: Flash Storage is Top Data Center Disruptor

Which new technologies will genuinely gain traction in the data center industry? 451 Research sees Flash storage as the leading disruptive force, according to an analysis released at this week’s Uptime Symposium. The technology we’re least likely to see? Onsite clean power generation. Read More

The Azure Cloud, Exposed to the Azure Sky

The Microsoft data center campus in Quincy, Washington illustrates the evolution of data center design from huge concrete shells to compact modules sitting outdoors on a slab. Data centers have become glamorous, but the Quincy campus is at the forefront of a new minimalist approach offering one vision of the way of the future, and the way of the cloud. Read More

Iceland: Where Mixed Modular Design Meets Free Cooling

The diversity of modular data center design can be seen in a single large room in Reykjavik, Iceland. That’s where the Advania Thor Datacenter has added new capacity using a “modular room” assembled from pre-built components, which sits alongside a pair of stacked container-style modules. Read More

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