SeaMicro Servers Power Launch of Firefox 4

When the Mozilla Corporation rolled out Firefox 4, the browser wasn’t the only new technology making its debut. The launch was powered by new servers from SeaMicro that use about a quarter of the power and space of most commercial servers. Read More

Cisco Touts Gains for C260 Rack-Mount Server

A close-up of the new Cisco Unified Computing System C260 M2 rack-mount server.

Cisco Systems introduced a new rackmount server, the UCS C260 M2, which takes advantage of Intel’s newest processor. On Tuesday Cisco highlighted the performance of its newest servers, citing the results of Intel benchmarking. Read More

Dell Targets Hosters With PowerEdge Microservers

The PowerEdge C5125, the AMD-powered version of Dell's new microservers.

Dell today continued the steady flow of new products from its Data Center Solutions (DCS) unit, introducing two new microservers as part of its PowerEdge C5000 line. The new products are designed for web hosting companies and ISPs seeking to get better efficiency out of their data center operations. Read More

AMD Introduces New Opteron 6100 Processors

AMD has announced the Opteron 6100 Series processor family, which will address rising demand for low-power, balanced systems for SMBs and increased performance-per-dollar-per-watt for enterprise and public sector environments. Read More

Nvidia Developing ARM Processor for Servers

Nvidia (NVDA) is developing a CPU based on the ARM architecture that powers popular smartphones and tablets, the company confirmed last night at CES in Las Vegas. Here’s a sampling of notable analysis of Nvidia’s announcement and what it means for the x86 market and the data center. Read More

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