Is a Sea Change Coming in the Server Market?

Barry Evans--Calxeda

Four companies debated the future of the server and processor market last week at Structure 2011, including executives from AMD and three newer players in the server game – SeaMicro, Tilera and Calxeda. All agreed that huge purchases by cloud computing providers are changing the server market. Read More

New Tilera Chips Target Largest Data Centers

Tilera today is unveiling a new line of many-core processors optimized to help the Internet’s largest players slash their power bills. The TILE Gx-3000 chips are optimized for companies that are customizing their data center infrastructure to deploy applications across thousands of servers. Read More

Calxeda Primes Pump for ARM Server Adoption

The first ARM-based low-energy servers from Calxeda won’t be available until later this year. But today Calxeda will announce that it is providing early access to its technology to key players in cloud computing and data analytics. Read More

eHarmony Switches from Cloud to Atom Servers

Are low-power Atom servers more efficient than cloud computing platforms in crunching large datasets? That’s the case for eHarmony, which is now using servers from SeaMicro to power the data analysis for its singles matching service. Read More

SuVolta Unveils Power-Saving Processor Design

Stealth start-up SuVolta came out of hiding Monday to announce a new microprocessor design that it says can reduce power consumption by up to 50 percent or more, while maintaining the same performance levels of conventional processors. Read More

SeaMicro Servers Power Launch of Firefox 4

When the Mozilla Corporation rolled out Firefox 4, the browser wasn’t the only new technology making its debut. The launch was powered by new servers from SeaMicro that use about a quarter of the power and space of most commercial servers. Read More

Cisco Touts Gains for C260 Rack-Mount Server

Cisco Systems introduced a new rackmount server, the UCS C260 M2, which takes advantage of Intel’s newest processor. On Tuesday Cisco highlighted the performance of its newest servers, citing the results of Intel benchmarking. Read More

Dell Targets Hosters With PowerEdge Microservers

Dell today continued the steady flow of new products from its Data Center Solutions (DCS) unit, introducing two new microservers as part of its PowerEdge C5000 line. The new products are designed for web hosting companies and ISPs seeking to get better efficiency out of their data center operations. Read More

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