Nvidia Developing ARM Processor for Servers

Nvidia (NVDA) is developing a CPU based on the ARM architecture that powers popular smartphones and tablets, the company confirmed last night at CES in Las Vegas. Here’s a sampling of notable analysis of Nvidia’s announcement and what it means for the x86 market and the data center. Read More

Intel Launches Configurable Atom Processor

Intel’s configurable Atom processor E600C series, formerly codenamed Tunnel Creek, is designed to be flexible and allow customers to customize designs and enable a quicker time-to-market, both of which should help lower development costs. Read More

New ARM-Based Server From ZT Systems

ZT Systems has announced a new rackmount server based on low-power processors from ARM, whose chips power many leading mobile devices. When fully populated with an array of components the server has an impressively low power draw of less than 80 watts. Read More

A Closer Look at SeaMicro’s Technology

In this video, SeaMicro CEO and co-founder Andrew Feldman discusses the company’s vision for low-energy servers, the innovations it has developed in pursuit of that goal (especially the role of the networking fabric) and the roadmap for SeaMicro’s technology. Read More

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