Facebook’s Servers Stay Warm en Route to Arctic Circle

Facebook is considering using environmentally controlled trucks to make deliveries to its new data center in Sweden. Why? It’s not the cold, it’s the humidity, which creates challenges as equipment is transported and installed, when it may move from outdoors to indoors. Read More

Hardcore Becomes LiquidCool, Eyes Server Market

Hardcore Computer is retooling its business to focus on licensing its liquid cooling technologies for servers and high performance computing. As part of that shift, the company is changing its name to LiquidCool Solutions and will discontinue manufacturing PCs, workstations and servers. Read More

Dell Unveils ARM-based Server Ecosystem

This week Dell unveiled an ARM-based server ecosystem to support the development and testing of ARM-based applications and solutions. Dell believes the ARM-based server market is approaching an inflection point. Read More

How Open Compute is a Win for Rackspace

In the battle for the hyper-scale data center, long-dominant server OEMs like Dell and HP are doing battle with a growing challenge from firms offering custom server designs. If you’re looking for the front lines in this battle, look no farther than companies like Rackspace Hosting. Read More

Open Compute Shakes Up Server Supply Chain

Suppliers Panel OCP

The disruptions in the server ecosystem were on display at last week’s Open Compute Summit in the rising profile of original design manufacturing (ODM) providers and other alternatives to OEMs like Dell, HP and IBM that have dominated server sales in the U.S. Read More

What Will the Servers of the Future Look Like?

What’s next for server design, and how do data center operators prepare for it? “Servers are going to be very different in the future than they are today,” said Google’s Joe Kava. “I think servers will look dramatically different.” Read More

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