A Closer Look at SeaMicro’s Technology

In this video, SeaMicro CEO and co-founder Andrew Feldman discusses the company’s vision for low-energy servers, the innovations it has developed in pursuit of that goal (especially the role of the networking fabric) and the roadmap for SeaMicro’s technology. Read More

Tilera Doubles Down on Density

A wafer displaying Tilera chips. The company announced plans to double the number of chip cores on a processor every two years.

Chip maker Tilera has teamed with Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc. on a new server that will allow data center operators to pack up to 10,000 cores in a rack consuming less than eight kilowatts of power, the company said Tuesday. Read More

Roundup: SeaMicro’s New SM10000 Server

SeaMicro’s introduction of a new server that runs on Intel’s low-power Atom chips triggered a lot of coverage and discussion. Here’s a roundup of some of the notable commentary and analysis from around the web. Read More

Second Generation Intel Atom Unveiled

On Tuesday Intel unveiled its newest Intel Atom processor-based platform, formerly known as Moorestown. The Atom platform has been repartitioned into three groups which all significantly lower power. Read More

Processor Roundup: Intel, AMD, ARM, Agnilux

The processor is the building block of the data center. And it’s been a sector in flux, with a series of recent announcements of new technology and capabilities, acquisitions and rumors of acquisitions. Here’s a roundup. Read More

AMD Roundup: Opteron Series 6000 Release

A picture The Magny-Cours Die used in the AMD 6000 processor.

AMD announced the availability of the Opteron 6000 Series platform Monday, featuring the world’s first 8- and 12-core x86 processor. The new series addresses workload-specific performance and power efficiency, while delivering more cores and memory at a lower price point. Read More

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